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BIPRU 13.3.13RRP
A firm may attribute an exposure value of zero for CCR to derivative contracts and long settlement transactions, or to other exposures arising in respect of those contracts or transactions (but excluding an exposure arising from collateral held to mitigate losses in the event of the default of other participants in the central counterparty's arrangements) where they are outstanding with a central counterparty and have not been rejected by the central counterparty.[Note: BCD Annex
If a firm in relation to an exposure covered by BIPRU 13:(1) has an exposure of a non-standard type; or(2) an exposure that is part of a non-standard arrangement; or(3) has an exposure that, taken together with other exposures (whether or not they are subject to BIPRU 13), gives rise to a non-standard counterparty credit risk; or(4) is subject to the rule in BIPRU 13.2.1 R;it must notify the appropriate regulator as soon as practicable of that fact, the counterparty involved,
(1) Subject to BIPRU 3.2.35 R, and with the exception of exposures giving rise to liabilities in the form of the items referred to in BIPRU 3.2.26 R, a firm is not required to comply with BIPRU 3.2.20 R (Calculation of risk weighted exposures amounts under the standardised approach) in the case of the exposures of the firm to a counterparty which is its parent undertaking, its subsidiary undertaking or a subsidiary undertaking of its parent undertaking provided that the following
A firm may treat contractual netting as risk-reducing only under the following conditions:(1) the firm must have a contractual netting agreement with its counterparty which creates a single legal obligation, covering all included transactions, such that, in the event of a counterparty's failure to perform owing to default, bankruptcy, liquidation or any other similar circumstance, the firm would have a claim to receive or an obligation to pay only the net sum of the positive and
REC 2.3.5GRP
In assessing whether a UK recognised body has sufficient financial resources in relation to counterparty and market risks, the FCA5 may have regard to:5(1) the amount and liquidity of its financial assets and the likely availability of liquid financial resources to the UK recognised body during periods of major market turbulence or other periods of major stress for the UK financial system;3 and(2) the nature and scale of the UK recognised body's exposures to counterparty and market
(1) 13An authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme must ensure that counterparty risk arising from an OTC derivative transaction is subject to the limits set out in COLL 5.2.11R (7) and COLL 5.2.11R (10).(2) When calculating the exposure of a UCITS scheme to a counterparty in accordance with the limits in COLL 5.2.11R (7), the authorised fund manager must use the positive mark-to-market value of the OTC derivative contract with that counterparty.(3) An authorised fund manager
(1) This rule does not apply in respect of a transferable security or an approved money-market instrument to which COLL 5.6.8R (Spread: government and public securities) applies5.(2) Not more than 20% in value of the scheme property is to consist of deposits with a single body.(3) Not more than 10% in value of the scheme property is to consist of transferable securities or approved money-market instruments issued by any single body subject to COLL 5.6.23 R (Schemes replicating
1The following words or terms throughout IPRU-INV 5 appearing in bold (other than headings and titles) are to have the meanings given to them below if not inconsistent with the subject or context. If a defined term is italicised the definition appearing in the main Handbook Glossary applies.TermMeaningaccounting reference datemeans:(a)the date to which a firm's accounts are prepared in order to comply with the relevant Companies Act legislation. In the case of a firm not subject
Notwithstanding BIPRU 4.4.76 R, the exposure value of credit risk exposures outstanding, as determined by the firm, with a central counterparty must be determined in accordance with BIPRU 13.3.3 R and BIPRU 13.8.8 R (Exposure to central counterparty), provided that the central counterparty'sCCRexposures with all participants in its arrangements are fully collateralised on a daily basis.[Note:BCD Annex VII Part 3 point 8]