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A firm must calculate a consolidated requirement component by applying the risk capital requirement applicable to that consolidated requirement component to the UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group in accordance with BIPRU 8.7.13 R. Except where BIPRU 8.7.34 R to BIPRU 8.7.38 R allow the requirements of another regulator to be used, the risk capital requirement must be calculated in accordance with the appropriate regulator'srules. The risk capital requirement applicable
If BIPRU 2.2.41 R applies to a firm on a consolidated basis the following adjustments are made to BIPRU 2.2.41 R in accordance with the general principles of BIPRU 8 (Group risk - consolidation):(1) references to capital resources are to the consolidated capital resources of the firm'sUK consolidation group or, as the case may be, its non-EEA sub-group; and(2) references to the capital requirements in GENPRU 2.1 (Calculation of capital resources requirements) are to the consolidated