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(1) This section covers techniques relating to transferable securities and approved money-market instruments which are used for the purpose of efficient portfolio management. It3 permits the generation of additional income for the benefit of the authorised fund, and hence for its investors, by entry into stock lending transactions for the account of the authorised fund.(2) The specific method of stock lending permitted in this section is in fact not a transaction which is a loan
(1) An ICVC, or the depositary of an authorised fund acting in accordance with the instructions 6of the authorised fund manager4, may enter into a repo contract, or a1stock lending arrangement of the kind described in section 263B of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (without extension by section 263C), but only if:444(a) all the terms of the agreement under which securities are to be reacquired by the depositary for the account of the ICVC, AUT or ACS4 are in a form which
Where a stock lending arrangement is entered into, the scheme property remains unchanged in terms of value. The securities transferred cease to be part of the scheme property, but there is obtained in return an obligation on the part of the counterparty to transfer back equivalent securities. The depositary will also receive collateral to set against the risk of default in transfer, and that collateral is equally irrelevant to the valuation of the scheme property (because it is
BIPRU 7.2.3R(1) includes a trading bookposition in debt security, preference share or convertible that is subsequently repo'd under a repurchase agreement or lent under a stock lending agreement. Clearly, if the security had initially been obtained via a reverse repurchase agreement or stock borrowing agreement, the security would not have been included in the PRR calculation in the first place.
This table belongs to COLL 5.1.2G (2).Scheme investments and investment techniquesLimits for UCITS schemesLimits for non-UCITS retail schemesPermissible investmentMaximum limitPermissible investmentMaximum limitApproved securitiesYesNoneYesNoneTransferable securities that are not approved securitiesYes10%Yes20%Government and public securitiesYesNoneYesNoneRegulated schemes other than qualified investor schemes1YesNoneYesNoneUnregulated schemes and qualified investor schemes1NoN/AYes20%(C)1WarrantsYesNoneYesNoneInvestment
The purposes of the long-term insurance business include the payment of claims, expenses and liabilities arising from that business, the acquisition of lawful access to fixed assets to be used in that business and the investment of assets. The payment of liabilities may include repaying a loan but only where that loan was incurred for the purpose of the long-term insurance business. The purchase or investment of assets may include an exchange at fair market value of assets (including
(1) The ICVC, or the depositary at the request of the ICVC, or the depositary of an AUT or ACS9 at the request of the authorised fund manager,9 may enter into a repo contract or a 2stock lending arrangement within section 263B of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (without extension by section 263C).99(2) The depositary must ensure that the value of any collateral, for the stock lending arrangement is at all times at least equal to the value of the securities transferred
11ReceivablesIn the case of receivables due to the firm in the form of fees, commission, interest, dividends and margin in exchange-traded futures or options contracts, which are directly related to items included in the trading book, the CRR is calculated as follows: CRR = A x RF, where A = the amount of the sum due; and RF = the appropriate risk factor derived from IPRU-INV 5.14.1R. Note 1 This requirement attaches only to balances arising from proprietary activity falling within