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BIPRU 7.10.55GRP
A firm is expected ultimately to move towards full revaluation of option positions. For portfolios containing path dependent options, an instantaneous price shock applied to a static portfolio will be acceptable provided that the risks not captured by such an approach are not material. Where a risk is immaterial and does not justify further capital resources, that immaterial risk should still be documented.
Except as provided in BIPRU 7.8.21R, a firm must not take into account an over-allotment option granted to it or another member of the underwriting syndicate in calculating its net underwriting position.
3A correlation trading portfolio may only consist of securitisation positions and nth-to-default credit derivatives that meet the following criteria:(1) the positions are neither resecuritisation positions, nor options on a securitisation position, nor any other derivatives of securitisationexposures that do not provide a pro-rata share in the proceeds of a securitisationtranche;(2) all reference instruments are either single-name instruments, including single-name credit derivatives,
BIPRU 13.6.67RRP
(1) A firm'sCCR internal model method model must meet the validation requirements in (2) to (8).(2) The qualitative validation requirements set out in BIPRU 7.10 must be met.(3) Interest rates, foreign currency rates, equity prices, commodities, and other market risk factors must be forecast over long time horizons for measuring CCRexposure. The performance of the forecasting model for market risk factors must be validated over a long time horizon.(4) The pricing models used to