Related provisions for IFPRU 8.2.14

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When considering whether the treatment described is misleading, factors a firm should consider include:(1) the degree of independence of control of the fund, including the relation of the fund's board and senior management to the firm or to other funds or to both;(2) the terms on which the counterparty, when acting as trustee, is able to satisfy its obligation to the firm out of the fund of which it is trustee;(3) whether the beneficial owners of the fund are connected to the
For the purpose of GENPRU 2.2.224 R, in relation to a person ("P") to which a bank has an exposure when P is acting on his own behalf and also an exposure to P when P acts in his capacity as a trustee, custodian or general partner of an investment trust, unit trust, venture capital or other investment fund, pension fund or similar fund (a "fund") the bank may choose to treat this latter exposure as an exposure to the fund, unless such treatment would be misleading.