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(1) 8In relation to the cancellation or deferral of the payment of a coupon in accordance with GENPRU 2.2.64R (4) and GENPRU 2.2.64R (5), GENPRU 2.2.68A R, or GENPRU 2.2.69B R, the FCA18 expects that situations where a coupon may need to be cancelled or deferred will be resolved through analysis and discussion between the firm and the FCA18. If the FCA18 and the firm do not agree on the cancellation or deferral of the payment of a coupon, then the FCA18 may consider using its
8The FCA18 considers that:(1) in order to comply with GENPRU 2.2.79G R, the firm should, at a minimum, provide the FCA18 with the following information:(a) a comprehensive explanation of the rationale for the purchase;(b) the firm's financial and solvency position before and after the purchase, in particular whether the purchase, or other foreseeable internal and external events or circumstances, may increase the risk of the firm breaching its capital resources requirement or
REC 2.3.16GRP
4The FCA5 would normally expect to use the most recent6 financial risk assessment prepared by the UK RIE in the course of preparing individual guidance, issued in accordance with the usual prudential cycle for such bodies,6 on the amount of financial resources that it considers is sufficient for a UK RIE to hold6 to satisfy the recognition requirements. The financial risk assessment would provide the basis for calculating the amount of eligible financial resources that should
REC 2.3.20GRP
4The FCA5 would expect to consider the relevant annual6 financial risk assessment, any proposal with respect to an operational risk buffer and, if applicable, the consolidated balance sheet, in formulating, in accordance with the usual prudential cycle for UK RIEs,6 its guidance on the amount of eligible financial resources it considers to be sufficient for the UK RIE to hold for6 the recognition requirements. In formulating its guidance, the FCA5 would, where relevant, consider
REC 2.3.22GRP
(1) [deleted]55(2) The FCA5 would normally expect a UK RIE to hold, in addition to the minimum amount determined under REC 2.3.9G (1)(a)(i), an operational risk buffer consistent with a risk-based approach.5(a) Where the amount of eligible financial resources calculated by a UK RIE under REC 2.3.17G (5) (the risk-based approach) is greater than the amount of eligible financial resources calculated under REC 2.3.13 G (the standard approach), and the difference is of an amount sufficient
In assessing the adequacy of a firm'scapital resources, the appropriate regulator draws on more than just a review of the submitted ICA. Use is made of wider supervisory knowledge of a firm and of wider market developments and practices. When forming a view of any individual capital guidance to be given to a firm, the review of the firm'sICA along with the regulator’s risk assessment and any other issues arising from day-to-day supervision will be considered.
4A firm must:(1) ensure the MTF has at least three materially active members or users who each have the opportunity to interact with all the others in respect of price formation;[Note: article 18(7) of MiFID](2) have arrangements to ensure it is adequately equipped to manage the risks to which it is exposed, to implement appropriate arrangements and systems to identify all significant risks to its operation and put in place effective measures to mitigate those risks;[Note: article
A firm or qualifying parent undertaking must notify the FCA by sending an e-mail to its usual supervisory contact.