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(1) When a collective portfolio management investment firm that is an IFPRU investment firm calculates the total risk exposure amount in article 92(3) of the EU CRR, the own funds requirements referred to in article 92(3)(a) (Risk weighted exposure amount for credit risk and dilution risk) and article 92(3)(b) (Risk weighted exposure amount for position risk) should include only those arising from its designated investment business. For this purpose, managing an AIF or managing
A firm must: (1) when it first becomes a collective portfolio management firm or a collective portfolio management investment firm, hold initial capital of not less than the applicable base own funds requirement (in line with IPRU-INV 11.3.1R);(2) at all times, maintain own funds which equal or exceed:(a) the higher of:(i) the funds under management requirement (in line with IPRU-INV 11.3.2R); and(ii) the amount specified in article 97 of the EU CRR (Own funds based on fixed