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IFPRU 4.12.10GRP
Notification under IFPRU 4.12.1 G should include sufficient information to enable the FCA to assess whether the possible reduction in RWEA which would be achieved by the securitisation is justified by a commensurate transfer of credit risk to third parties. The FCA expects this to include the following:(1) details of the securitisation positions, including rating, exposure value and RWEA broken down by securitisation positions sold and retained;(2) key transaction documentation
Where there is a securitisation of revolving exposures subject to an early amortisation provision, the originator must calculate an additional risk weighted exposure amount in accordance with this section in respect of the risk that the levels of credit risk to which it is exposed may increase following the operation of the early amortisation provision. Accordingly this section sets out how an originator must calculate a risk weighted exposure amount when it sells revolving exposures
BIPRU 9.13.11RRP
The risk weighted exposure amount to be calculated in accordance with BIPRU 9.13.1 R must be determined by multiplying the amount of the investors interest (as defined in BIPRU 9.13.4 R or BIPRU 9.13.6 R) by the product of:(1) the appropriate conversion figure as indicated in BIPRU 9.13.16 R, BIPRU 9.13.19 R or BIPRU 9.13.20 R; and(2) the weighted average risk weight that would apply to the securitised exposures if the exposures had not been securitised.[Note:BCD Annex IX Part
BIPRU 9.12 applies to the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts of securitisation positions under the IRB approach.[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 4 point 37 (part)]
BIPRU 9.12.10 R to BIPRU 9.12.19 R apply to the calculation of risk weighted exposure amount of securitisation positions under the ratings based method.
BIPRU 9.12.20RRP
(1) If:(a) a firm'sIRB permission allows it to use this treatment; and(b) the conditions in (2)(16) are satisfied,a firm may attribute to an unrated position in an asset backed commercial paper programme a derived rating as laid down in (3).(2) Positions in the commercial paper issued from the programme must be rated positions.(3) Under the ABCP internal assessment approach, the unrated position must be assigned by the firm to one of the rating grades described in (5). The position
Where a firm uses the supervisory formula method to calculate the risk weighted exposure amounts of securitisation positions, the firm may recognise credit risk mitigation in accordance with BIPRU 9.14.4 R to BIPRU 9.14.5 R and BIPRU 9.14.7 R to BIPRU 9.14.13 R.[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 4 point 54]
An originator which, in respect of a securitisation in the non-trading book,1 has made use of BIPRU 9.3.1 R in the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts, or a sponsor, must not, with a view to reducing potential or actual losses to investors, provide support to the securitisation beyond its contractual obligations.[Note: BCD Article 101(1)]
BIPRU 11.5.17RRP
A firm calculating risk weighted exposure amounts in accordance with BIPRU 9 or capital resource requirements according to BIPRU 7.2.48A R to BIPRU 7.2.48K R4 must disclose the following information, where relevant separately for its trading book and non-trading book:4(1) a description of the firm's objectives in relation to securitisation activity;(1A) the nature of other risks, including liquidity risk inherent in securitised assets;4(1B) the type of risks in terms of seniority