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A firm must base credit-granting on sound and well-defined criteria and clearly establish the process for approving, amending, renewing and re-financing credits. [Note: article 79(a) of CRD]
A firm must have internal methodologies that:(1) enable it to assess the credit risk of exposures to individual obligors, securities or securitisation positions and credit risk at the portfolio level;(2) do not rely solely or mechanistically on external credit ratings;(3) where its own funds requirements under Part Three of the EUCRR (Capital Requirements) are based on a rating by an ECAI or based on the fact that an exposure is unrated, enable the firm to consider other relevant
A firm must operate through effective systems the ongoing administration and monitoring of its various credit risk-bearing portfolios and exposures, including for identifying and managing problem credits and for making adequate value adjustments and provisions.[Note: article 79(c) of CRD]
(1) To calculate the weighted average in IFPRU 10.3.1 R, a firm must apply to each applicable countercyclical buffer rate its total own funds requirements for credit risk, specific risk, incremental default and migration risk that relates to the relevant credit exposures in the jurisdiction in question, divided by its total own funds requirements for credit risk that relates to all of its relevant credit exposures.(2) For the purposes of (1), a firm must calculate its total own
A firm must identify the geographical location of a relevant credit exposure in accordance with the regulatory technical standards adopted under article 140(7) of CRD. [Note: article 140(5) of CRD]
COLL 5.2.20RRP
(1) A transaction in a derivative must:(a) be in an approved derivative; or(b) be one which complies with COLL 5.2.23 R (OTC transactions in derivatives).(2) The underlying of a transaction in a derivative must consist of any one or more of the following to which the scheme is dedicated:(a) transferable securities permitted under COLL 5.2.8 R (3)(a) to (c) and COLL 5.2.8 R (3)(e)7;(b) approved money-market instruments7 permitted underCOLL 5.2.8 R (3)(a) to COLL 5.2.8 R (3)(d)7;77(c)
The FCA will, taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of a firm's activities, monitor that it does not solely or mechanistically rely on external credit ratings for assessing the creditworthiness of an entity or financial instrument.[Note: article 77(2) of CRD]
CASS 7.13.11GRP
In complying with CASS 7.13.8 R and CASS 7.13.10 R, a firm should consider, as appropriate, together with any other relevant matters:(1) the capital of the CRD credit institution or bank;(2) the amount of client money placed, as a proportion of the CRD credit institution or bank's capital and deposits, and, in the case of a qualifying money market fund, compared to any limit the fund may place on the volume of redemptions in any period;(3) the extent to which client money that