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IFPRU 11.2.17RRP
A firm must demonstrate to the FCA that:(1) carrying out its recovery plan is reasonably likely to maintain or restore the viability and financial position of the firm, taking into account the preparatory measures that the firm has taken, or plans to take; and(2) its recovery plan: (a) is reasonably likely to be carried out quickly and effectively in situations of financial stress; and(b) avoids, to the maximum extent possible, any significant adverse effect on the financial system,
The group recovery plan must:(1) aim to stabilise the RRD group as a whole and each RRD institution in the group, when the group, or any RRD institution in the group, is under financial stress;(2) aim to address or remove the causes of the financial stress and restore the financial position of the group or the RRD institution in question; and(3) at the same time consider the financial position of other group members.[Note: article 7(4) of RRD]
If the RRD group includes an IFPRU 730k firm that is not a significant IFPRU firm (and does not include an IFPRU 730k firm that is a significant IFPRU firm) the group recovery plan must include:(1) a summary of the key elements of the group recovery plan;(2) information on the governance of the group, including: (a) how the group recovery plan is integrated into the corporate governance of the group; and (b) the group's overall risk management framework;(3) a description of the