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(1) This section applies to a motor vehicle liability insurer.(2) The rules in this section relating to the appointment of claims representatives apply:22(a) in relation to claims by injured parties resulting from accidents occurring in an EEA State other than the injured party'sEEA State of residence which are caused by the use of vehicles insured through an establishment in, and normally based in, an EEA State other than the injured party'sEEA State of residence; and2(b) in
SUP 6.3.25GRP
Information which may be required. See SUP 6.3.24 GType of businessInformation which may be requiredAll 1. Details of how the firm plans to comply with the relevant regulator's24 regulatory requirements relating to any additional regulated activities it is seeking to carry on.242. Descriptions of the firm's key controls, senior management arrangements and audit and proposed compliance arrangements in respect of any new regulated activity (see SYSC). 3. Organisation charts and
Advice about contracts of insurance will come within the regulated activity in article 53(1)2 of the Regulated Activities Order only if it relates to a particular contract of insurance. So, generic or general advice will not fall under article 53(1)2. In particular:(1) advice would come within article 53(1)2 if it took the form of a recommendation that a person should buy the ABC Insurers motor insurance;(2) advice would not relate to a particular contract if it consists of a
Typical recommendations and whether they will be regulated as advice on contracts of insurance under article 53(1)2 of the Regulated Activities Order. This table belongs to PERG 5.8.4 G.2RecommendationRegulated under article 53(1)2 or not?I recommend you take the ABC Insurers motor insurance policyYes.This is even the case if ABC Insurers has many different motor insurance policies, as explained in PERG 4.6.6 G. Although PERG 4.6.6 G is about mortgages the same reason applies
SUP 13A.6.2GRP
An incoming EEA firm (other than an EEA pure reinsurer or an EEA firm that has received authorisation under article 18 of the auction regulation and only provides services in the United Kingdom5) 4or incoming Treaty firm carrying on business in the United Kingdom must comply with the applicable provisions (see SUP 13A.4.4 G, SUP 13A.4.6 G,5 and SUP 13A.5.4 G) and other relevant UK legislation. For example where the business includes:(1) business covered by the Consumer Credit
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).