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1The rules in this section:(1) address the risk that a consumer believes that a firm's remuneration for its pure protection service is included in its adviser charge, where this is not the case; and(2) enable the consumer to evaluate a firm'sadviser charge in the light of any additional remuneration received by the firm for the pure protection service it provides.
A firm which agrees an adviser charge with a consumer and provides an associated pure protection service to that consumer must:(1) in good time before the provision of its services, take reasonable steps to ensure that the consumer understands:(a) how the firm is remunerated for its pure protection service; and(b) if applicable, that the firm will receive commission in relation to its pure protection service in addition to the firm'sadviser charge;(2) as close as practicable
A pure protection service is not associated with an adviser charge for the purposes of ICOBS 4.6.2 R if the adviser charge is agreed with the consumer by a firm or an appointed representative and the pure protection service is provided to that consumer by another firm or appointed representative. However, if a firm or an appointed representative refers a consumer with whom it is agreeing an adviser charge to another firm or appointed representative for the provision of a pure
3If the firm or its associate is the pure protection contractinsurer, it may comply with COBS 6.4.3R (1)(b) and (c) by disclosing to the consumer an indicative adviser charge as an alternative to a commission equivalent.