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The FSA is likely to consider as unusual a transaction which involves the raising by the firm of tier one capital through a subsidiary undertaking of that firm that is not an SPV. The FSA would expect a firm to request individual guidance in such circumstances.
If a firm wishes to include in lower tier two capital resources an instrument with or without a fixed maturity date but where less than five years' notice of redemption or repayment has been given, it should seek individual guidance from the FSA.
(1) Regulation 15(9) of the OEIC Regulations and section 243(8) of the Act require that an authorised fund's name must not be undesirable or misleading. This section contains guidance on some specific matters the FSA will consider in determining whether the name of an authorised fund is undesirable or misleading. It is in addition to the requirements of regulation 19 of the OEIC Regulations (Prohibition on certain names).(2) The FSA will take into account whether the name of the
(1) 7A UCITS scheme may invest in an approved money-market instrument if it is:(a) issued or guaranteed by any one of the following:(i) a central authority of an EEA State or, if the EEA State is a federal state, one of the members making up the federation;(ii) a regional or local authority of an EEA State;(iii) the European Central Bank or a central bank of an EEA State;(iv) the European Union or the European Investment Bank;(v) a non-EEA State or, in the case of a federal state,
(1) 7In addition to instruments admitted to or dealt in on an eligible market, a UCITS scheme may also with the express consent of the FSA (which takes the form of a waiver under section 148 of the Act as applied by section 250 of the Act or regulation 7 of the OEIC Regulations) invest in an approved money-market instrument provided:(a) the issue or issuer is itself regulated for the purpose of protecting investors and savings in accordance with COLL 5.2.10AR (2);(b) investment
SUP 13A.9.5GRP
(1) The purpose of the precautionary measure rule is to ensure that an incoming EEA firm is subject to the standards of MiFID and the MiFID implementing Directive to the extent that the Home State has not transposed MiFID or the MiFID implementing Directive by 1 November 2007. It is to 'fill a gap'.(2) The rule is made in the light of the duty of the United Kingdom under Article 62 of MiFID to adopt precautionary measures to protect investors. (3) The rule will be effective for
SUP 16.12.33RRP
Financial reports from a member of a financial conglomerate (see SUP 16.12.32 R)Content of ReportForm (Note 1)FrequencyDue DateCalculation of supplementary capital adequacy requirements in accordance with one of the four technical calculation methodsNote 2Note 5Note 5Identification of significant risk concentration levelsNote 3Yearly4 months after year endIdentification of significant intra-group transactionsNote 4Yearly4 months after year endReport on compliance with PRU 8.4.35