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Permanent share capital means an item of capital which (in addition to satisfying GENPRU 2.2.64 R) meets the following conditions:(1) it is:(a) an ordinary share; or(b) a members' contribution; or(c) part of the initial fund of a mutual; or8(d) [deleted]15815(2) any coupon on it is not cumulative, the firm is under no obligation to pay a coupon in any circumstances and the firm has the right to choose the amount of any coupon that it pays;10(3) the terms upon which it is issued
Examples of capital instruments which may be eligible to count in upper tier two capital resources include the following:(1) perpetual cumulative preference shares;(2) perpetual subordinated debt; and(3) other instruments that have the same economic characteristics as (1) or (2).
3The capital instruments to which BIPRU 8.6.1B R does not apply are:(1) ordinary shares issued by a groupundertaking which:(a) are the most deeply subordinated capital instrument issued by that groupundertaking;(b) meet the criteria set out in GENPRU 2.2.83R (2) and GENPRU 2.2.83R (3) and GENPRU 2.2.83A R; and(c) are the same as ordinary shares previously issued by that groupundertaking;(2) debt instruments issued from a debt securities program established by a groupundertaking,
A firm does not have to give notice under IFPRU 3.2.10 R if the capital instrument is: (1) an ordinary share; or(2) a debt instrument issued under a debt securities programme under which the firm or group member has previously issued and the firm has notified the FCA, in accordance with IFPRU 3.2.10 R, prior to a previous issuance under the programme.
SYSC 19C.3.47RRP
(1) A firm must ensure that a substantial portion, at least 50%, of any variable remuneration consists of an appropriate balance of: (a) shares or equivalent ownership interests, subject to the legal structure of the firm concerned, or share-linked instruments or equivalent non-cash instruments for a non-listed firm; and(b) where appropriate, capital instruments which are eligible for inclusion at stage B1 of the calculation in the capital resources table, where applicable, adequately