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Illiquid assets means illiquid assets including(1) tangible fixed assets (except land and buildings if they are used by a firm as security for loans, but this exclusion is only up to the value of the principal outstanding on the loans); or(2) any holdings in the capital resources of credit institutions or financial institutions, except to the extent that:(a) they have already been deducted as a material holding; or(b) they are shares which are included in a firm'strading book
If a loan or other amount owing to a firm was originally due to be paid more than 90 days from the date of the making of the loan or the incurring of the payment obligation, as the case may be, it may be treated as liquid for the purposes of GENPRU 2.2.260R (6) where through the passage of time the remaining time to the contractual repayment date falls below 90 days.