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The amount of qualifying holdings that a bank or building society must deduct in the calculation in the capital resources table is:(1) (if the firm has one or more qualifying holdings that exceeds 15% of its relevant capital resources) the sum of such excesses; and(2) to the extent not already deducted in (1), the amount by which the sum of each of that firm'squalifying holdings exceeds 60% of its relevant capital resources.
(1) Subject to (2) and (3), a material holding is:11(a) a BIPRU firm's holdings of shares and any other interest in the capital of an individual credit institution or financial institution (held in the non-trading book or the trading book or both) exceeding 10% of the share capital of the issuer, and, where this is the case, any holdings of subordinated debt of the same issuer are also included as a material holding; the full amount of the holding is a material holding; or11(b)
(1) 3This paragraph gives guidance as to the amount to be deducted at Part 2 of stage M (Deductions from the totals of tier one and two) of GENPRU 2 Annex 2 (Capital resources table for a bank) and GENPRU 2 Annex 3 (Capital resources table for a building society) in respect of investments in subsidiary undertakings and participations (excluding any amount which is already deducted as material holdings or qualifying holdings).(2) The effect of those rules is to achieve the deduction
(1) The excess trading book position is the excess of:(a) a bank or building society's aggregate net long (including notional) trading bookpositions in shares, subordinated debt or any other interest in the capital of credit institutions or financial institutions;over;(b) 25% of that firm'scapital resources calculated at stage T (Total capital after deductions) of the capital resources table (calculated before deduction of the excess trading book position).(2) Only the excess
Where two or more banks merge, all of which individually have the benefit of GENPRU 2.1.60 R, the PRA may agree in certain circumstances that the base capital resources requirement for the bank resulting from the merger may be the sum of the aggregate capital resources of the merged banks, calculated at the time of the merger, provided this figure is less than €5 million.
For the purpose of GENPRU 2.1.60 R:(1) an existing controller of a bank means:(a) a person who has been a parent undertaking of that bank since 31 December 2006 or earlier; or(b) a person who became a parent undertaking of that bank after 31 December 2006 but who, when he became a parent undertaking of that bank, was a subsidiary undertaking of an existing controller of that bank;(2) the relevant amount of capital as referred to in GENPRU 2.1.60R (2)(a) is adjusted by identifying