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An item of tier one capital which is included in a firm'stier two capital resources under GENPRU 2.2.25 R is not subject to the requirement to obtain a legal opinion in GENPRU 2.2.159R (12).
A capital instrument must not form part of the tier two capital resources of a firm unless it meets the following conditions:(1) the claims of the creditors must rank behind those of all unsubordinated creditors;(2) the only events of default must be non-payment of any amount falling due under the terms of the capital instrument or the winding-up of the firm and any such event of default must not prejudice the subordination in (1);(3) to the fullest extent permitted under the
(1) An originator of a synthetic securitisation may calculate risk weighted exposure amounts1, and, as relevant, expected loss amounts, for the securitised exposures in accordance with BIPRU 9.5.3 R and BIPRU 9.5.4 R, if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:1(a) 1significant credit risk is considered to have been transferred to third parties, either through funded or unfunded credit protection; or(b) 1the originator applies a 1250% risk weight to all securitisation