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This table belongs to GENPRU 2.2.5 GTopicLocation of textApplication and purpose of the rules in this sectionGENPRU 2.2.1 R to GENPRU 2.2.4 GBIPRU firms that only have simple types of capital resources (simple capital issuers)GENPRU 2.2.7 GPrinciples underlying the definition of capital resourcesGENPRU 2.2.8 GWhich method of calculating capital resources applies to which type of firmGENPRU 2.2.17 R to GENPRU 2.2.19 RPurpose of the limits on the use of different forms of capitalGENPRU
8A BIPRU firm must not include a capital instrument at stage B1, B2 or C of the calculation in the capital resources table unless (in addition to satisfying all the other requirements in relation to tier one capital and hybrid capital) its contractual terms provide for a mechanism within the instrument which:(1) is clearly defined and legally certain;(2) is disclosed and transparent to the market;(3) makes the recapitalisation of the firm more likely by adequately reducing the
Where the step-up involves a conversion from fixed to floating (or vice versa), or a switch in basis index, the swap spread should be fixed at pricing date, reflecting the differential in pricing between indices at the time. The significance of deducting the swap spread can be seen by the following example:(1) the pricing date:(a) 10 year gilts (G) = 5.5% (the initial index basis);(b) 3 month LIBOR is the stepped up index basis and the 10 year mid swap rate (L) = 5.9%;(c) initial
An instrument does not breach GENPRU 2.2.147 R or as the case may be, is not subject to a deemed maturity date under GENPRU 2.2.151 R, even though it is or may be subject to a step-up that exceeds the amount specified in those rules if:(1) the instrument is fungible with other instruments (the "existing stock") that are included in the firm'stier one capital resources (in the case of GENPRU 2.2.147 R) or tier two capital resources (in the case of GENPRU 2.2.151 R);(2) (if there
(1) The purpose of GENPRU 2.2.177R (2) is to ensure that a firm which issues an item of capital with a coupon retains flexibility over the payments of such coupon and can preserve cash in times of financial stress. However, a firm may include, as part of the capital instrument terms, a right to make payments of a coupon mandatory if an item of capital becomes ineligible to form part of its capital resources (for example, through a change in the relevant rules) and the firm has