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This table belongs to GENPRU 2.2.5 GTopicLocation of textApplication and purpose of the rules in this sectionGENPRU 2.2.1 R to GENPRU 2.2.4 GBIPRU firms that only have simple types of capital resources (simple capital issuers)GENPRU 2.2.7 GPrinciples underlying the definition of capital resourcesGENPRU 2.2.8 GWhich method of calculating capital resources applies to which type of firmGENPRU 2.2.17 R to GENPRU 2.2.19 RPurpose of the limits on the use of different forms of capitalGENPRU
Consolidated indirectly issued capital means any capital instrument issued by a member of the UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group where:(1) some or all of the following conditions are satisfied:(a) that capital is issued to an SPV; or(b) that capital is issued by an SPV; or(c) the subscription for the capital issued by the member of the group in question is funded directly or indirectly by an SPV; and(2) any of the SPVs referred to in (1) is a member of the UK consolidation
Consolidated indirectly issued capital that is eligible for inclusion in the consolidated capital resources of a UK consolidation group or non-EEA sub-group may only be included as a minority interest created by the capital instrument issued by the SPV referred to in BIPRU 8.6.13 R. If it is eligible, it is innovative tier one capital.