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The SPV referred to in GENPRU 2.2.124R (2)(a) must satisfy the following conditions:(1) it is controlled by the firm and may not operate independently of the firm;(2) the rights of investors in the SPV who do not belong to the group of the BIPRU firm in question are not such as to affect the ability of the firm to control the SPV;8(3) all or virtually all of its exposures (calculated by reference to the amount) consist of exposures to the firm or to that firm'sgroup; and8(4) 8it
An SPV could take the form of a limited partnership. In such an arrangement, holders of a capital instrument issued by the SPV which do not belong to the group of the BIPRU firm in question should have no right to participate in the management of the partnership, whether under the partnership's constitutional documents or the transaction documents. In general, this means that they should be treated as limited partners. It is expected that the general partner, having control of