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GEN 2.2.6GRP
Expressions with defined meanings appear in italics in the Handbook, unless otherwise stated in individual sourcebooks or manuals11.
GEN 2.2.7RRP
In the Handbook (except IPRU, unless otherwise indicated2):(1) an expression in italics which is defined in the Glossary has the meaning given there; and(2) an expression in italics which relates to an expression defined in the Glossary must be interpreted accordingly.
GEN 2.2.8GRP
Examples of related expressions are:(1) "advice on investments" and "advise on investments", which should be interpreted by reference to "advising on investments";(2) "closely linked", which should be interpreted by reference to "close links";(3) "controls" and "controlled", which should be interpreted by reference to "control";19(4) "effect", as for example in "effect a life policy", which should be interpreted by reference to "effecting contracts of insurance"; and19(5) “employment”,
GEN 2.2.10GRP
The Interim Prudential sourcebooks (IPRU) have individual arrangements for defined terms and each contains rules or guidance on its own arrangements. In respect of those sourcebooks, reliance should not be placed on the definitions which appear in the Glossary unless otherwise indicated.
GEN 2.2.20GRP
In the Glossary, the definition of designated investment exchange lists certain investment exchanges. Further information on designated investment exchanges, including guidance on the addition of an investment exchange to the list, is set out in GEN 2 Annex 1 G and the obligation to pay the application fee is set out in 53FEES 3.25.
GEN 2.2.25GRP
An example of a rule20 being interpreted as cut back by GEN 2.2.23R is SYSC 6.1.1R, which requires a firm to maintain adequate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with its obligations under the regulatory system; SYSC 6.1.1R should be interpreted as applied by the FCA in respect of a PRA-authorised person’s compliance with regulatory obligations that are the responsibility of the FCA (for example, in respect of a bank maintaining policies and procedures to ensure compliance
SUP 10A.17.2GRP
If the firm or its advisers have further questions, they should contact the FCA's Contact Centre (see SUP 10A.12.6 G).
SUP 10A.3.5GRP
The arrangement must be “in relation to” the carrying on of a regulated activity. Regulated activities are defined in the Glossary by reference to the Regulated Activities Order. This order prescribes the activities which are regulated activities for the purposes of the Act.
SYSC 22.1.7RRP
(1) In order to decide whether someone is an employee of a branch, the Glossary definition of employee is applied to the branch as if the branch and the firm of which it forms part were separate firms.(2) For the purpose of (1), paragraph (4A)(c) of the definition of employee (someone employed elsewhere in the group) does not apply.
COCON refers in a number of places to ‘investments’. The Glossary meaning of investment is wide and is not just limited to the ordinary dictionary meaning.
(1) A management responsibilities map for a branch maintained by a third-country relevant authorised person must include the matters listed in SYSC 4.5.7R, subject to the modifications in (2).(2) Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms in SYSC 4.5.7R are modified as follows:Reference in SYSC 4.5.7RModificationfirmtreated as a reference to the branchgoverning body, management body, senior management and senior personnel(a) treated as a reference to the branch’sgoverning
SYSC 4.6.14GRP
(1) The guidance below applies to management responsibilities maps for branches maintained by third-country relevant authorised persons, subject to the modifications in (2):(a) SYSC 4.5.11G to SYSC 4.5.12G (Guidance about management responsibilities maps);(b) SYSC 4.5.15G (Single document);(c) SYSC 4.5.16G to SYSC 4.5.17G (Purpose of SYSC 4 Annex 1G (The main business activities and functions of a relevant authorised person)); (d) SYSC 4.5.18G to SYSC 4.5.20G (Contents of SYSC
SUP 15.14.3DRP
A full credit institution to which regulation 105 of the Payment Services Regulations applies must notify the FCA if it refuses a request for access to payment account services from:(1) a person falling within paragraphs (1)(a) to (e) (excluding (1)(d)) of the Glossary definition of payment service provider; or(2) an applicant for authorisation or registration as such a payment service provider.
SUP 15.14.8GRP
The direction in SUP 15.14.6D will not apply if the FCA gives a different direction to a specific credit institution, in the light of the particular circumstances surrounding a refusal of access to payment account services, about how to notify the FCA. The FCA is likely to be minded to do so where a credit institution decides to withdraw access to a large number of persons falling within paragraphs (1)(a) to (e) (excluding (1)(d)) of the Glossary definition of payment service
SYSC 22.7.3GRP
The Glossary definition of employer covers more than just a conventional employer and so it may not always be obvious who a person’semployer is. Therefore a full scope regulatory reference firm appointing someone to a position that requires a reference may have to get the employee’s help in identifying their previous employers.
COLL 12.3.2GRP
(1) An EEA UCITS management company may be the authorised fund manager1 of an AUT or ACS,1 or the ACD of an ICVC, that is a UCITS scheme (see SUP 13A (Qualifying for authorisation under the Act)).1(2) An EEA UCITS management company that acts as the authorised fund manager1 of an AUT or ACS,1 or the ACD of an ICVC, that is a UCITS scheme may conduct its business from a branch in the United Kingdom or under the freedom to provide cross border services (without establishing a branch
(1) 2Mortgage contracts that potentially became regulated mortgage contracts on 21 March 2016 include, for example:(a) mortgages entered into before 31 October 2004;(b) second charge mortgages; and(c) equitable mortgages.(2) However: (a) a mortgage contract entered into before 21 March 2016, which was not already a regulated mortgage contract only became a regulated mortgage contract if it was a ‘consumer credit back book mortgage contract’ within the meaning of article 2 of
PR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the prospectus rules are extracted from the Glossary.Actthe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission to tradingadmission to trading on a regulated market.advertisement(as defined in the PD Regulation) announcements:(1)relating to a specific offer to the public of securities or to an admission to trading on a regulated market; and(2)aiming to specifically promote the potential subscription or acquisition of securities.4applicantan
REC 1.2.3GRP
(1) This sourcebook contains quotations from the Act, the Recognition Requirements Regulations, the RAP regulations,5 the Companies Act 19895and, where necessary, words have been added to, or substituted for, the text of these provisions to facilitate understanding.32(2) The additions and substitutions are enclosed in square brackets ([ ]). The omission of words within a quotation is indicated by three dots (...).(3) Any words in these quotations which have the same meaning as
Except as provided in the Glossary, any expression used in, or for the purpose of, this chapter which is defined or used in EU CRR has the meaning given by, or used in, those Regulations.
(1) The effect of COLL 7.7.1 R, and in particular the narrow Glossary definition of domestic UCITS merger which is drafted in accordance with article 2.1(r) of the UCITS Directive, is that this section will not apply to a merger in the United Kingdom between two or more UCITS schemes unless one of them has been the subject of a UCITS marketing notification.(2) For arrangements to constitute a cross-border UCITS merger, at least two of the relevant UCITS must be:(a) established
TC 2.1.30GRP
The Glossary definition of accredited body contains a list of bodies recognised by the FCA for the purpose of providing the independent verification required under TC 2.1.27 R. Information on accredited bodies, including guidance on the process for including a body in the list is set out inTC Appendix 6G and the obligation to pay the application fee is set out in FEES 3.2.1717
SYSC 22.9.5GRP
(1) SYSC 22.9.1R applies to keeping records created before the date this chapter came into force as well as ones created afterwards.(2) A full scope regulatory reference firm does not breach the requirements of this chapter by failing to include something in a reference because it destroyed the relevant records before the date this chapter came into force in accordance with the record keeping requirements applicable to it at the time of destruction.
Table: To whom does COCON apply? 99Persons to whom COCON appliesComments9(1) An SMF manager.9 (2) An employee (“P”) of a relevant authorised person who:9 (a) performs the function of an SMF manager;9 (b) is not an approved person to perform the function in question; and9 (c) is required to be an approved person at the time P performs that function.9 (3) An employee of a relevant authorised person who would be an SMF manager but for SUP 10C.3.13R (The 12-week rule). 9 (4) A certification