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GEN 2.2.13BGRP
15The purpose of GEN 2.2.13AR is to ensure that cross references in the FCA Handbook to provisions outside the FCA Handbook are effective, including cross references to material that was formerly in the PRA Handbook but which the PRA has now deleted.
GEN 2.2.23RRP
(1) 29This rule applies to Handbook provisions made by both the FCA and the PRA, and to Handbook provisions made by the FCA where the PRA have made commensurate provisions in the PRA Rulebook16. It may affect their application by the FCA to PRA-authorised persons and PRAapproved persons, and may affect their application by the PRA to any authorised person or approved person1615.15(2) Where a Handbook provision (or part of one) goes beyond the FCA's or PRA's powers or regulatory