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FEES App 1.1.2GRP
2(1) The purpose of these rules is to set out the requirements for registered societies and sponsoring bodies to pay periodic and application fees which, together, will provide the funding for the FCA's functions in respect of the registrant-only fee block (Category F). 2(2) This set of rules is in respect of the registration functions relating to registered societies transferred to the FCA by section 50 of the Financial Services Act 2012, other than friendly societies authorised
FEES App 1.1.3GRP
Most of the detail of the periodic fees which will be payable by registered societies is set out in Annex 1R to these rules, the provisions of which will vary from one financial year to another. Accordingly, a revised Annex 1R will come into force, following consultation, for each financial year. Most of the detail of the application fees which will be payable by registered societies and sponsoring bodies is set out in FEES App 1 Annex 1A, the provisions of which may not change
FEES App 1.1.6GRP
The application fee payable to register a new society is a tiered fee: the amount payable for registration of a new society is dependent on whether the rules are based on a free draft or on model rules. Further, where model rules are used in the case of the registration of a new society other than a credit union, then the number of amendments made to the model rules will affect the fee. The application fee payable by a sponsoring body for a new set of model rules is a flat f
FEES App 1.3.2RRP
A sponsoring body wishing a set of rules to become model rules for the first time must pay to the FCA, in full and without deduction, the application fee specified in FEES App 1 Annex 1A.
If a sponsoring body wishes to change a set of model rules, it should supply a copy to the FCA indicating the proposed changes. No application fee is payable for such changes.