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If a registered society fails to file an R by the date it is required to be filed:(1) the R used to determine the amount of the periodic fee payable by the registered society will be that shown in the R last filed with the FCA or its predecessor; and(2) the registered society must pay an administrative fee equal to the lower of the periodic fee payable by the registered society under Annex 1R for that year, and £250.
FEES App 1.2.6RRP
If a registered society ceases to be a registered society on or after 1 April in a particular financial year, but before an invoice for the periodic fee payable under 1.2.1 R for the financial year in which the society ceases to be a registered society has been issued by the FCA, the periodic fee payable by that registered society under 1.2.1 R is the amount of the periodic fee under Annex 1R for the immediately preceding financial year.
FEES App 1.2.8RRP
A registered society need not pay a periodic fee on the date which it is due under the relevant provision in these rules, if:(1) that date falls during a period during which circumstances of the sort set out in R(Emergencies) exist, and that registered society has reasonable grounds to believe that those circumstances impair its ability to pay the fee, in which case it must pay on or before the fifth business day after the end of that period; or(2) that date would otherwise
The FCA expects to issue invoices for periodic fees at least 30 days before the date on which they fall due. Accordingly, it will generally be the case that a registered society will have at least 30 days from the issue of the invoice before an administrative fee becomes payable, and at least 45 days before any interest becomes payable.