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4If an operator of an IFR card payment system or card payment system is liable to pay PSR fees itself under FEES 9.2.1DR or FEES 9.2.1ER, and the PSR fee it paid for the previous fee year for its IFR card payment system or card payment system was at least £20,000, that operator must pay to the FCA:(1) an amount equal to 50% of the PSR fee payable for the previous fee year, by 15 March at the end of the previous fee year; and(2) the balance of the PSR fee due by 15 September in
Section 40(1) of FSBRA (The Payment Systems Regulator) requires the FCA to establish the PSR.
(1) Paragraph 9 of Schedule 4 of FSBRA and the 2015 Interchange Regulations applying FSBRA in a modified form allow3 the FCA to make rules requiring participants2 in regulated payment systems to pay the FCA specified amounts or amounts calculated in a specified way to:(a) meet the relevant costs referred to in (2) below; and (b) enable the PSR to maintain adequate reserves.(1A) The specified amount or amounts calculated in a specific way in (1) are PSR fees which are levied for