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(1) FEES applies to all persons required to pay a fee or levy under a provision of the Handbook. The purpose of this chapter is to set out to whom the rules and guidance in FEES apply. 30(2) FEES 2 (General Provisions) contains general provisions which may apply to any type of fee payer.30(3) FEES 3 (Application, Notification and Vetting Fees) covers one-off fees payable on a particular event for example:3330(a) 33various application fees (including those in relation to authorisation,
All fees payable or any stated hourly rate under FEES 3 (Application, notification and vetting fees), FEES 4 (Periodic fees), FEES 4A (Periodic fees for TP persons, supervised run-off firms and CRO firms), FEES 7 (The CFEB levy), FEES 7A (The SFGB levy), FEES 7C (SFGB levy for TP persons and supervised run-off firms) and FEES 7D (DA levy for TP persons and supervised run-off firms)4 are stated net of VAT. Where VAT is applicable this must also be included.12235