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A firm must pay each CFEB levy applicable to it:(1) in full and without deduction (unless permitted or required by a provision in FEES); and(2) in accordance with the provisions of FEES 4.3.6 R.
The CFEB levy is calculated as follows:(1) identify each of the activity groups set out in Part 1 of FEES 7 Annex 1 that apply to the business of the firm for the relevant period (for this purpose, the activity groups are defined in accordance with Part 1 of FEES 4 Annex 1);(2) for each of those activity groups, calculate the amount payable in the way set out in FEES 7.2.3 R;(3) add the amounts calculated under (2);(4) work out whether a minimum fee is payable under Part 2 of
For the purposes of FEES 7.2.3 R:(1) a firm may apply the relevant tariff bases and rates to its non-UK business, as well as to its UK business, if:(a) it has reasonable grounds for believing that the costs of identifying the firm'sUK business separately from its non-UK business in the way described in Part 2 of FEES 4 Annex 1 are disproportionate to the difference in fees payable; and (b) it notifies the FSA in writing at the same time as it provides the information concerned
The CFEB levy in relation to the Society is specified against its activity group in Part 1 of FEES 7 Annex 1.
The Handbook provisions relating to the CFEB levy are meant to follow closely the provisions relating to the payment of periodic fees under FEES 4.3.1 R In the interests of brevity, not all of these provisions are set out again in FEES 7. In some cases, certain FEES 4 rules are applied to the payment of the CFEB levy by individual rules in FEES 7. The rest are set out in the table in FEES 7.2.9 R.
The rules set out in the table in FEES 7.2.9 R and any other rules in FEES 4 included in FEES 7 by cross-reference apply to the CFEB levy in the same way as they apply to periodic fees payable under FEES 4.3.1 R.
FEES 7.2.10GRP
References in a FEES 4rule incorporated into FEES 7 by cross-reference to a periodic fee should be read as being to the CFEB levy. References in a FEES 4rule incorporated into FEES 7 to fee-paying payment service providers, market operators, service companies, MTF operators, investment exchanges, clearing houses, designated professional bodies or Solvency 2 Implementation fees, Solvency 2 Implementation Flat fees, Solvency 2 Special Project fees and Solvency 2 Special Project
FEES 7.2.12GRP

Table of FEES 4 rules that correspond to FEES 7 rules

FEES 4 rules

Corresponding FEES 7 rules

FEES 4.2.1 R

FEES 7.2.1 R

FEES 4.3.1 R

FEES 7.2.2 R

FEES 4.3.3 R

FEES 7.2.2 R

FEES 4.3.12 R

FEES 7.2.5 R

Part 1 of FEES 4 Annex 2

Part 1 of FEES 7 Annex 11

The FSA must have regard to other anticipated sources of funding of the costs described in FEES 7.1.4 G when setting the CFEB levy.
The amounts to be paid under the CFEB levy may include a component to cover the FSA's expenses in collecting the payments.
The FSA must pay to the CFEB the amounts that it receives under the CFEB levy apart from amounts in respect of its collection costs (which it may keep).
FEES 7.1.10GRP
This chapter sets out the method by which the CFEB levy will be calculated. Details of the actual levy payable will vary from year to year, depending on the CFEB's annual budget. These details are set out in FEES 7 Annex 1. New details will be prepared and consulted on for each financial year.
If it appears to the FSA, the FSCS (in relation to any FSCS levy only) 2 or the3FOS Ltd (in relation to any FOS case fee only), that in the exceptional circumstances of a particular case, the payment of any fee, FSCS levy2,3FOS levy or CFEB levy3would be inequitable, the FSA, the FSCS2 or the3FOS Ltd, as relevant, may (unless FEES 2.3.2B R applies)1 reduce or remit all or part of the fee or levy in question which would otherwise be payable.
If it appears to the FSA, the FSCS (in relation to any FSCS levy only)2 or the3FOS Ltd (in relation to any FOS case fee only), that in the exceptional circumstances of a particular case to which FEES 2.3.1R does not apply, the retention by the FSA, the FSCS,2 the3FOS Ltd or the CFEB3, as relevant, of a fee, FSCS levy2,3FOS levy or CFEB levy3which has been paid would be inequitable, the FSA, the FSCS2, the3FOS Ltd or the CFEB3, may (unless FEES 2.3.2B R applies)1 refund all
Paragraph 17 of Schedule 1 to2 and section 99 of2 the Act,7 regulation 92 of the Payment Services Regulations and 3 regulation 59 of the Electronic Money Regulations7 enable the FSA to charge fees to cover its costs and expenses in carrying out its functions. The corresponding provisions for the FSCS levy ,5FOS levies and case fees and CFEB levies5 are set out in FEES 6.1,5FEES 5.2 and FEES 7.1.4 G5 respectively. Fee-paying payment service providers and fee-paying electronic
The key components of the FSA fee mechanism (excluding the FSCS5levy, the FOS5 levy and case fees, and the CFEB levy5which are dealt with in FEES 5,5FEES 6 and FEES 7)5 are:555(1) a funding requirement derived from:(a) the FSA's financial management and reporting framework;(b) the FSA's budget; and(c) adjustments for audited variances between budgeted and actual expenditure in the previous accounting year, and reserves movements (in accordance with the FSA's reserves policy);(2)
146FEES applies to all persons required to pay a fee or levy under a provision of the Handbook. The purpose of this chapter is to set out to whom the rules and guidance in FEES apply. FEES 2 (General Provisions) contains general provisions which may apply to any type of fee payer. FEES 3 (Application, Notification and Vetting Fees) covers one-off fees payable on a particular event for example various application fees (including those in relation to authorisation, variation of
1All fees payable or any stated hourly rate under FEES 3 (Application, notification and vetting fees),2FEES 4 (Periodic fees) and FEES 7 (The CFEB levy) 2are stated net of VAT. Where VAT is applicable this must also be included.