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(1) 3Except as set out in (3), a participant firm which does not conduct business in respect of which the FSCS may pay compensation4 and has no reasonable likelihood of doing so is exempt from a specific costs levy, or a compensation costs levy, or both, provided that:(a) it has notified the FSCS in writing that those conditions apply; and(b) the conditions in fact continue to apply.(2) The exemption takes effect from the date on which the notice was received by the FSCS, subject
A participant firm which is exempt under FEES 6.2.1AR4 must notify the FSCS in writing as soon as reasonably practicable if the conditions in FEES 6.2.1AR4 no longer apply.
(1) If a participant firm ceases to conduct business that could give rise to a protected claim by an eligible claimant and notifies the FSCS of this under FEES 6.2.1AR4, it will be treated as a participant firm to which FEES 6.7.6R applies until the end of the financial year4 of the compensation scheme in which the notice was given.(2) 6Where the FCA grants a person’s application for annulment of a cancellation or variation of Part 4A permission under Schedule 6A to the Act and
This manual applies in the following way:(1) FEES 1, 2 and 3 apply to the fee payers listed in column 1 of the Table of application, notification and vetting fees in FEES 3.2.7 R29. 1049(a) [deleted]1010(b) [deleted]1010(c) [deleted]1010(d) [deleted]1010(e) [deleted]10(f) [deleted]1010(g) [deleted]1010(h) [deleted]1010(i) [deleted]1010(j) [deleted]1010(k) [deleted]1010(l) [deleted]1010(m) [deleted]1010(n) [deleted]104(o) 3345410[deleted]10(p) 55410[deleted]10(q) 6510[deleted]10(r)