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(1) Firms which are not participant firms (such as certain types of incoming EEA firms, service companies and ICVCs) are not required to contribute towards the funding of the compensation scheme.(2) Although a member is a participant firm for the purposes of most provisions of COMP, a member is excluded from the definition of participant firm for the purposes of FEES 6 (see definition of participant firm in Glossary). This is because the fees levied in relation to the carrying
This manual applies in the following way:(1) FEES 1, 2 and 3 apply to:(a) every applicant for Part IV permission (including an incoming firm applying for top-up permission);(b) every Treaty firm that wishes to exercise a Treaty right to qualify for authorisation under Schedule 4 to the Act (Treaty rights), except those providing cross border services only,2 in respect of regulated activities for which it does not have an EEA right; (c) every applicant for a certificate under article