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LR 8.7.1ARRP
(1) 5The FSA may by notice in writing given to a sponsor, or a person applying for approval as a sponsor, require it to provide specified documents or specified information to the FSA.(2) The sponsor, or the person applying for approval as a sponsor, must as soon as practicable provide to the FSA any documents or information that it has been required to provide under (1).(3) This rule applies only to documents or information reasonably required by the FSA in connection with the
LR 8.7.5GRP
The FSA, on behalf of other regulators, may request information from a sponsor or pass information on to other regulators to enable such regulators to discharge their functions.
LR 8.7.22RRP
A request by a sponsor for its approval as a sponsor to be cancelled must be in writing and must include:(1) the sponsor's name;(2) a clear explanation of the background and reasons for the request;(3) the date on which the sponsor requests the cancellation to take effect;4(4) a signed confirmation that the sponsor will not participate in any services described in LR 8.2 as of the date the request is submitted to the FSA; and(5) the name and contact details of the person at the
DEPP 3.2.10GRP
If the RDC considers it relevant to its consideration, it may ask FSA staff to explain or provide any or all of the following:(1) additional information about the matter (which FSA staff may seek by further investigation); or(2) further explanation of any aspect of the FSA staff recommendation or accompanying papers; or(3) information about FSA priorities and policies (including as to the FSA's view on the law or on the correct legal interpretation of provisions of the Act).
DEPP 3.2.11GRP
The RDC has no power under the Act to require persons to attend before it or provide information. It is not a tribunal and will make a decision based on all the relevant information available to it, which may include views of FSA staff about the relative quality of witness and other evidence.
DEPP 3.2.26GRP
FSA staff responsible for recommending action to the RDC will continue to assess the appropriateness of the proposed action in the light of new information or representations they receive and any material change in the facts or circumstances relating to a particular matter. It may be therefore that they decide to give a notice of discontinuance to a person to whom a warning notice or decision notice has been given. The decision to give a notice of discontinuance does not require
(1) A firm must make available:(a) the information on the employers’ liability register either:(i) on the firm's website at the address notified to the FSA in ICOBS 8.4.6R (1); or(ii) by arranging for a tracing office which meets the conditions in ICOBS 8.4.9 R to make the information available on the tracing office’s website; and(b) the latest director's certificate and the latest report prepared by an auditor for the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.4R (1)(c), to a tracing office which
(1) A firm must notify the FSA:(a) of any information provided to the FSA under ICOBS 8.4.6 R or ICOBS 8.4.6A R2 which ceases to be true or accurate; and(b) of the new position, in accordance with the notification requirements in ICOBS 8.4.6 R;within one month of the change.(2) A firm producing an employers’ liability register must:(a) update the register with any new or more accurate information falling within ICOBS 8 Annex 1:(i) by virtue of the entry into or renewal of, or
LR 8.3.1RRP
A1sponsor must in relation to a sponsor service:11(1) referred to in LR 8.2.1 R, 1provide assurance to the FSA when required that the responsibilities of the listed company or applicant under the listing rules have been met; and(2) referred to in LR 8.2.1 R, LR 8.2.2 R or LR 8.2.3 R, 1guide the listed company or applicant in understanding and meeting its responsibilities under the listing rules anddisclosure rules and transparency rules.2112
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FSA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
LR 5.6.17RRP
Where an issuer has a premium listing, a sponsor must provide written confirmation to the FSA that in its opinion, it is reasonable for the issuer to provide the declarations described in LR 5.6.15G (3) and (4).
LR 5.6.25RRP
An eligibility letter prepared for the purposes of LR 5.6.23 G must be provided to the FSA not less than 20 business days prior to the announcement of the transaction referred to in LR 5.6.24 R.
LR 8.6.3RRP
A person wanting to provide sponsor services4and be included on the list of sponsors must also submit:4(1) all additional documents, explanations and information as required by the FSA; and(2) verification of any information in such a manner as the FSA may specify.
LR 8.6.19RRP
4For each transaction for which it provides sponsor services, a sponsor must:(1) notify the FSA as soon as practicableof the name and contact details of the maincontactperson or persons in the sponsor for that transaction; and(2) ensure that thecontact person or persons: (a) have sufficient knowledge about the listed company or applicant and the proposed transactionto be able to answer queries from the FSA about it; and(b) are available to answer queries from the FSA on any business
REC 3.26.3GRP
1Under section 300B(3) of the Act, the FSA may also by rules under section 293: (1) 1make provision as to the form and contents of the notice required, and(2) 1require the UK recognised body to provide such information relating to the proposal as may be specified in the rules or as the FSA may reasonably require.
REC 3.26.6GRP
1In determining whether a UK RIEor UK RCH3has provided sufficient supporting information, the FSA may have regard to the extent to which the information includes:(1) 1clearly expressed reasons for the proposed regulatory provision; and(2) 1an appropriately detailed assessment of the likely costs and benefits of the proposed regulatory provision.
REC 3.26.7RRP
1A UK RIEor UK RCH3must provide such additional information in connection with a notice under section 300B(1) of the Act as the FSA may reasonably require.3
REC 3.26.9GRP
1The FSA expects that an advanced draft of any consultation document a UK RIEor UK RCH3intends to publish in connection with a proposed regulatory provision could provide some or all of the information described in REC 3.26.5 R.33
LR 8.4.1RRP
LR 8.4.2 R to LR 8.4.4 G2 apply in relation to an application for admission of equity shares5if an applicant does not have equity shares5already listed and:255(1) the production of a prospectus or equivalent document1is required; or(2) the application is accompanied by a certificate of approval from another competent authority; or(3) the application is accompanied by a summary document as required byPR 1.2.3R (8).
LR 8.4.9RRP
A sponsor must:(1) submit a completed Sponsor's Declaration on an Application for Listing to the FSA either:(a) on the day the FSA is to consider the application for approval of the prospectus and prior to the time the prospectus is approved; or11(b) at a time agreed with the FSA if the FSA is not approving the prospectus or if it is determining whether a document is an equivalent document1;(2) submit a completed Shareholder Statement or Pricing Statement, as applicable, to the
LR 8.4.13RRP
A sponsor acting on a transaction falling within LR 8.4.11 R must:(1) submit a completed Sponsor's Declaration for the Production of a Circular to the FSA on the day the circular is to be approved by the FSA and prior to the time the circular is approved;(2) submit a completed Pricing Statement, if applicable, to the FSA by 9 a.m on the day the FSA is to consider the application; and(3) ensure that all matters known to it which, in its reasonable opinion, should be taken into
DEPP 2.5.12GRP
FSA staff will usually inform or discuss with the person concerned any action they contemplate before they recommend to the RDC that the FSA takes formal action. The FSA may also be invited to exercise certain powers by the persons who would be affected by the exercise of those powers. In these circumstances if the person concerned has agreed to or accepted the action proposed then the decisions referred to in DEPP 2.5.13 G will be taken by FSA staff under executive procedures
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) Building Societies Act 1986, section 36A: There is no right to refer a decision to issue a prohibition order under section 36A to the Tribunal. Accordingly, a decision notice under section 36A(5A) is not required to give an indication of whether any such right exists. A decision notice under section 36A(5A) may only relate to the issue of a prohibition order under section
LR 3.3.2RRP
The following documents must be submitted, in final form, to the FSA by midday two business days before the FSA is to consider the application:(1) a completed Application for Admission of Securities to the Official List;(2) one of:(a) the prospectus, or listing particulars, that has been approved by the FSA; or(b) a copy of the prospectus, a certificate of approval and (if applicable) a translation of the summary of the prospectus, if another EEA State is the home Member State
LR 3.3.5RRP
1Written confirmation of the number of shares4that were allotted (pursuant to a board resolution allotting the shares)4 must be submitted to the FSA as soon as practicable after admission if the number is lower than the number that was announced under LR 3.2.7 G as being admitted to listing.1144
LR 3.3.7RRP
An applicant must provide to the FSA the documents set out in LR 3.3.6 R, if requested to do so.
PR 3.1.7UKRP

Section 87A(1) of the Act provides for the approval of a prospectus by the FSA:


The [FSA] may not approve a prospectus unless it is satisfied that:


the United Kingdom is the home State in relation to the issuer of the transferable securities to which it relates,


the prospectus contains the necessary information, and


all of the other requirements imposed by or in accordance with this Part or the prospectus directive have been complied with (so far as those requirements apply to a prospectus for the transferable securities in question).

COLL 7.7.10RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme that is a merging UCITS or a receiving UCITS in a proposed UCITS merger must ensure that a document containing appropriate and accurate information on the merger is provided to the unitholders of that scheme so as to enable them to:(a) make an informed judgment about the impact of the proposal on their investment;(b) exercise their rights under regulation 12 (Right of redemption) of the UCITS Regulations 2011; and(c) where applicable,
LR 5.3.1RRP
A request by an issuer for the listing of its securities to be suspended or cancelled must be in writing and must include:(1) the issuer's name;(2) details of the securities to which it relates and the RIEs on which they are traded;(3) a clear explanation of the background and reasons for the request;(4) the date on which the issuer requests the suspension or cancellation to take effect;(5) for a suspension, the time the issuer wants the suspension to take effect;(6) if relevant,
LR 5.3.6GRP
Cancellations will only be specified to take effect when the market opens on a specified day. An issuer should therefore ensure that all accompanying information has been provided to the FSA well before the date on which the issuer wishes the cancellation to take effect and at the very latest by 3 p.m. on the business day before it is to take effect. If the information is received after 3:00 p.m. on the day before the issuer wishes the cancellation to take effect, it will normally