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(1) (a) 37The appropriate authorisation or registration 8fee is an integral part of an application for, or an application for a variation of, a Part 4A permission,24 authorisation, registration or variation under the Payment Services Regulations or the Electronic Money Regulations, registration under article 8(1) of the MCD Order68or notification or registration under the AIFMD UK regulation24.16248(b) 37 Any application or notification24 received by the37FCA without the accompanying
A potential applicant for Part 4A permission16 (or Treaty firm) has the opportunity to discuss its proposed application (or exercise of Treaty rights) with the 9FCA before submitting it formally.2 If an applicant for Part 4A permission16 (or Treaty firm) does so, the 9FCA will be able to use that dialogue to make an initial assessment of the fee categorisation and therefore indicate the authorisation fee that should be paid. 161616922161616169