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Table of rules in FEES 4that also apply to FEES 7 to the extent that in FEES 4 they apply to fees payable to the FCA6

FEES 4 rules incorporated into FEES 7


FEES 4.2.4 R

Method of payment

4FEES 4.2.7ER

Modifications for persons becoming subject to periodic fees during the course of a fee year

4FEES 4.2.7FR

Calculating the fee in the firm’s first year of authorisation

4FEES 4.2.7GR

Calculating fees in the second fee-year where the firm received permission between 1 January and 31 March in its first fee year

4FEES 4.2.7HR to FEES 4.2.7KR

Calculating all other fees in the second and subsequent years of authorisation where a full year of tariff data is not available

FEES 4.2.8 R

How FEES 4.2.7 R applies in relation to an incoming EEA firm or an incoming Treaty firm

FEES 4.2.10 R

Extension of time

FEES 4.2.11 R (first entry only)

Due date and changes in permission for periodic fees

FEES 4.3.7 R

Groups of firms

FEES 4.3.13 R

Firms applying to cancel or vary permission before start of period

FEES 4.3.17R4

Firms acquiring businesses from other firms

FEES 4.4.1 R to FEES 4.4.6 R

Information on which fees are calculated