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FEES 12.2.2RRP
(1) The FCA will raise the FOS ADR levy annually in arrears. (2) The FCA will invoice FOS Ltd in April for the FOS ADR levy relating to the previous fee year.(3) FOS Ltd must pay the FOS ADR levy within 30 days of the date of the invoice.
FEES 12.2.3RRP
The FOS ADR levy is calculated as follows:(1) Determine the number of hours, or part of an hour, taken by the FCA, in performing functions under the ADR Regulations.(2) Using the table at FEES 3 Annex 9R(11), determine the relevant pay grades of those employed by the FCA to perform the functions under the ADR Regulations.(3) Next, multiply the applicable rate in the table at FEES 3 Annex 9R(11) by the number of hours or part hours obtained under (1).(4) Then add any fees and disbursements
FEES 12.4.2GRP
The FCA may refund all or part of the FOS ADR levy applicable to FOS Ltd if it appears to the FCA that in the exceptional circumstances of a particular case retaining all or part of the FOS ADR levy applicable to FOS Ltd would be inequitable.
FEES 12.3.2GRP
(1) The FCA may recover the FOS ADR levy as a debt owed to the FCA under paragraphs 23(8) of Schedule 1ZA of the Act.(2) The FCA will consider taking action for recovery (including interest) through the civil courts.