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FEES 11.2.10RRP

If the Secretary of State2 designates a person as a designated guidance provider under section 333E(1)(e) of the Act in the course of a fee year, the following formula must be used to calculate the pensions guidance providers’ levy to be paid by that provider for that fee year:


calculate the number of months between and including:


the month in which the person became a designated guidance provider; and


the last month of the relevant fee year;


divide the number of months calculated in (1) by 12; and2


multiply the pension guidance providers’ levy set out in column (C) of row 5 of the table at FEES 11 Annex 1R by the number calculated in (2).

FEES 11.2.11RRP
(1) All pensions guidance providers' levies payable under FEES 11 are stated net of value-added tax (VAT).(2) Where VAT is applicable, this must also be included.