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EG 19.2.1RP
1The FCA has certain functions in relation to what are described as “registrant-only” mutual societies. These societies are not regulated or supervised under the Act. Instead, they are subject to the provisions of IPSA65, FIPSA68, FSA74 and FSA92, which require them to register with the FCA and fulfil certain other obligations, such as the requirement to submit annual returns.
EG 19.2.6RP
1The decision whether to initiate criminal and other proceedings under these Acts will be taken in accordance with the procedure described in EG 12.1.7. Under section 18 IPSA65, a society may appeal certain decisions of the FCA relating to the refusal, cancellation or suspension of a society’s registration to the High Court or, in Scotland, the Court of Session. Refusals to register a branch or to register the amendment of a society’s rules and cancellations or suspensions of
EG 12.1.7RP
1Decisions about whether to initiate criminal proceedings under the Building Societies Act 1986, the Friendly Societies Acts 1974 and 1992, the Credit Unions Act 1979, the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 and the Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1968 may either be taken by the procedure described in paragraph 12.1.5 above or under executive procedures. The less serious the offence or its impact and the less complex the issues raised, the more likely