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EG 16.2.3RP
1The FCA will also take into account the potentially more serious consequences that a disapplication of an exemption will have for the member concerned compared with the consequences of a prohibition of a particular individual engaged in exempt regulated activities. However, the FCA may consider it appropriate in some cases to disapply an exemption where it decides that the member concerned is not fit and proper to carry out exempt regulated activities in accordance with section
EG 16.2.4RP
1As an alternative to making an order to disapply an exemption, the FCA may consider issuing a private warning. A private warning may be appropriate where the FCA has concerns in relation to a member's fitness and propriety but feels that its concerns in relation to the conduct of exempt regulated activities can be more appropriately addressed by a private warning than by a disapplication of the member's exemption.
EG 16.2.5RP
1When it decides whether to exercise its power to disapply an exemption from the general prohibition in relation to a member, the FCA will take into account all relevant circumstances which may include, but are not limited to, the following factors: (1) Disciplinary or other action taken by the relevant designated professional body, where that action relates to the fitness and propriety of the member concerned: where the FCA considers that its concerns in relation to the fitness
EG 16.1.1RP
1The FCA's power under section 329 of the Act to make an order disapplying an exemption from the general prohibition in relation to a person who is a member of the professions on the grounds that the member is not a fit and proper person to conduct exempt regulated activities, and to maintain a public record of disapplication orders, will assist the FCA in pursuing its statutory objectives.