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EG 10.6.4RP
1If the FCA, having considered those comments, remains of the view that the term is or would be unfair or non-transparent or purports, or would purport, to be exclusionary or restrictive, as described above, it will normally ask the person to undertake to stop using, relying on or recommending it or proposing its use. It should be noted that, under paragraphs 2(3), 6(3) and 7(1) of Schedule 3 to the CRA, such an undertaking must be notified by the FCA to the CMA and any relevant
EG 10.6.6RP
1If, whether in relation to such a notice or such a term, the person either declines to give such an undertaking, or gives such an undertaking and fails to follow it, the FCA will consider the need to apply to court for an injunction under Schedule 3 to the CRA. The FCA will, again, notify the CMA appropriately at this stage, as required by Schedule 3.
EG 10.6.7RP
1In determining whether to seek an injunction under Schedule 3 to the CRA against a person, after or, in an urgent case, instead of requesting such an undertaking, the FCA will consider the full circumstances of each case. A number of factors may be relevant for this purpose. The following list is not exhaustive; not all of the factors may be relevant in a particular case, and there may be other factors that are relevant such as: (1) whether the FCA is satisfied that the contract
EG 3.9.1RP
1Schedule 5 to the CRA gives: (a) the FCA; and (b) any other person, who may be an FCA employee, specifically authorised or appointed by the FCA for this purpose; the power to require, by notice in writing, which must contain the particulars specified by paragraph 15 of Schedule 5, the production of information to enable the FCA to ascertain whether a person has complied with or is complying with an injunction granted or an undertaking given under Schedule