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EG 10.6.7RP
1In determining whether to seek an injunction under Schedule 3 to the CRA against a person, after or, in an urgent case, instead of requesting such an undertaking, the FCA will consider the full circumstances of each case. A number of factors may be relevant for this purpose. The following list is not exhaustive; not all of the factors may be relevant in a particular case, and there may be other factors that are relevant such as: (1) whether the FCA is satisfied that the contract
EG 10.6.9RP
1In deciding whether to grant an a final injunction under Schedule 3 to the CRA, the court will decide whether the term or notice in question is unfair, purportedly restrictive or exclusionary or non-transparent within the meaning of the CRA. The court may grant an injunction on such terms as it sees fit. For example, it may require the person to stop including a term in contracts with consumers or issuing, publishing, communicating or announcing a notice to consumers from the