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DTR 8.4.2GRP
The purpose of DTR 8.4.1 R is to ensure that a primary information provider can disseminate regulated information to as wide a public as possible, as close to simultaneously as possible, in the United Kingdom and other EEA States. In considering whether a primary information provider has satisfied the requirements in DTR 8.4.1 R, the FCA will consider the number and nature of arrangements that the primary information provider has with media operators.
DTR 8.2.1RRP
A person wishing to be included on the list of primary information providers, must apply to the FCA for approval as a primary information provider by submitting the following to the FCA:(1) the name, registered office address, registered number and the names and addresses of the directors and company secretary of the person applying for approval and, where applicable, the corporate group to which the person belongs;(2) details of all the arrangements that it has established or