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DTR 7.2.9RRP
An issuer may elect that, instead of including its corporate governance statement in its directors’ report, the information required by DTR 7.2.1 R to DTR 7.2.8AR6 may be set out in4: (1) 4a separate report published together with and in the same manner as its annual report4; or(2) a4 document publicly available on the issuer's website to which reference is made in the directors’ report4. 44Under (1) or (2), the corporate governance statement must contain the information required
DTR 7.2.10RRP
Subject to DTR 7.2.11 R, an issuer which is required to prepare a group directors’ report within the meaning of section 415(2) of the Companies Act 2006 must include in that report a description of the main features of the group’s internal control and risk management systems in relation to the financial reporting process for the undertakings included in the consolidation, taken as a whole4. In the event that the issuer presents its own annual report and its consolidated annual