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2The report referred to in ICOBS 8.4.4R (1)(c) must:(1) be prepared on the basis of providing an opinion under a limited assurance engagement confirming whether the auditor has found no reason to believe that the firm, solely in relation to the firm's extraction of information from its underlying records, has not materially complied with the requirements in ICOBS 8.4.4R (2) and ICOBS 8 Annex 1 in the production of its employer’s liability register, having regard in particular
DISP App 3.3.8GRP
The firm should not draw a negative inference from a complainant not having kept documentation relating to the purchase of the policy for any particular period of time.
In considering the information communicated to the complainant and the complainant's information needs, the evidence to which a firm should have regard includes:(1) the complainant's individual circumstances at the time of the sale (for example, the firm should take into account any evidence of limited financial capability or understanding on the part of the complainant);(2) the complainant's objectives and intentions at the time of the sale;(3) whether, from a reasonable customer's
23A relevant benefit derived from a corporate event may only be brought to account if the firm is able to demonstrate, with written records created at the time of the advice, that:(1) The firm foresaw the prospect of the event and the benefit;(2) The firm's advice included a statement recommending the particular policy because of the possibility of the benefit in question; and(3) The statement was a material factor in the context of the advice and the decision to invest.
The FSA will apply the following principles of construction to determine whether a contract is a contract of insurance.(1) In applying the description in PERG 6.3.4 G, more weight attaches to the substance of the contract, than to the form of the contract. The form of the contract is relevant (see PERG 6.6.8 G (3) and (4)) but not decisive of whether a contract is a contract of insurance: Fuji Finance Inc. v. Aetna Life Insurance Co. Ltd [1997] Ch. 173 (C.A.).(2) In particular,
(1) A firm which has in its possession or control documents evidencing a client's title to a contract of insurance or other similar documents (other than documents of no value) or which takes into its possession or control tangible assets belonging to a client, must take reasonable steps to ensure that any such documents or items of property:(a) are kept safe until they are delivered to the client;(b) are not delivered or given to any other person except in accordance with instructions
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
(1) CASS 5.1 to CASS 5.6 apply, subject to (2), (3) and CASS 5.1.3 R to CASS 5.1.6 R, to a firm that receives or holds money in the course of or in connection with its insurance mediation activity.(2) CASS 5.1 to CASS 5.6 do not, subject to (3), apply:(a) to a firm to the extent that it acts in accordance with the client money chapter; or64(b) to a firm in carrying on an insurance mediation activity which is in respect of a reinsurance contract; or(c) to an insurance undertaking