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The information required by MCOB 4.4A.1 R, MCOB 4.4A.2 R, MCOB 4.4A.4R (1)and MCOB 4.4A.8 R must be communicated clearly and prominently, and in doing so:(1) if the initial contact includes spoken interaction, the information must be communicated orally; and(2) if the initial contact does not include spoken interaction, the messages must appear separately from other messages in the communication.If the initial contact is made by electronic means, the firm must ensure that the
(1) In order to comply with MCOB 4.4A.9 R for an internet sale, a firm should display the required information on a screen which the customer must access as part of the sales process. It would not be sufficient for the information to be accessible only by giving the customer the option to click on a link or download a document. The messages could be displayed clearly on one of the initial pages which the customer accesses.(2) In a postal sale, a firm may comply by setting out
An illustration provided to a customer must:(1) contain the material set out in MCOB 5 Annex 1 in the order and using the numbered section headings, sub-headings and prescribed text in MCOB 5 Annex 1, except where provided for in MCOB 5.6;(2) follow the layout of the template in MCOB 5 Annex 1 with:(a) prominent use of the Key facts3 logo followed by the text 'about this mortgage';33(b) each section clearly separated;(c) all the amounts to be paid in Sections 5, 6, 8 and 9 in
In relation to MCOB 5.6.6 R(3), for the firm to comply with the principle of 'fair, clear11 and not misleading' in MCOB 2.2.6, an estimated valuation, where the estimated valuation is not that provided by the customer, must be a reasonable assessment based on all the facts available at the time. For example, an overstated valuation could enable a more attractive regulated mortgage contract to be illustrated on the basis of a lower ratio of the loan amount to the property value
1If, notwithstanding MCOB 5.5.1AR (1), a firm chooses to give an illustration in relation to a direct deal, it need not comply with MCOB 5.4.2 R or MCOB 5.4.3 R (Accuracy).
(1) A firm must ensure that a communication or a financial promotion is clear, fair, and not misleading. [Note: paragraphs 2.2 of ILG, 3.16 of DMG and 3.1 of CBG](1A) A firm must ensure that each communication and each financial promotion:3(a) is clearly identifiable as such;3(b) is accurate;3(c) is balanced and, in particular, does not emphasise any potential benefits of a product or service without also giving a fair and prominent indication of any relevant risks;3(d) is sufficient
A firm should ensure that a financial promotion:(1) for a product or service that places a client's capital at risk makes this clear;(2) that quotes a yield figure gives a balanced impression of both the short and long term prospects for the investment;(3) that promotes an investment or service whose charging structure is complex, or in relation to which the firm will receive more than one element of remuneration, includes the information necessary to ensure that it is fair, clear
1When a firm provides a customer with information in accordance with ICOBS 6.3.3 R, it must provide it in a clear and accurate manner, in writing, in an official language of the State of the commitment, or in another language if the policyholder so requests and the law of the State of the commitment so permits or the policyholder is free to choose the law applicable.[Note: article 185(3), (5) and (6) of the Solvency II Directive]
CONC 4.2.20GRP
For telephone or face-to-face transactions, interaction between the customer and the firm's representative is also important. It should be made clear to the customer that the customer can ask questions or request further information or explanation and, for example, the representative solely providing the customer with a written explanation of an agreement, or relying solely on a written script in relation to an agreement, is unlikely to comply with the requirement in CONC 4.2.5
MCOB 2.2.6 (Clear, fair and not misleading communication) applies to information provided to a customer by a firm in accordance with this chapter.
(1) MCOB 5.7.2 R(1) means that firms do not have to follow the ordering of sections set down in MCOB 5.6, although they may choose to do so.(2) In accordance with MCOB 5.7.2 R(8) an example of an appropriate variation to the risk warning would be:'Your home may be repossessed if you are unable to fulfil the terms of this secured overdraft'.(3) A firm may also choose to include other information beyond that required by MCOB 5.6. However, when adding additional material a firm should
LR 8.3.1ARRP
3A sponsor must, for so long as it provides a sponsor service:(1) take such reasonable steps as are sufficient to ensure that any communication or information it provides to the FCA in carrying out the sponsor service is, to the best of its knowledge and belief, accurate and complete in all material respects; and(2) as soon as possible provide to the FCA any information of which it becomes aware that materially affects the accuracy or completeness of information it has previously
A firm must (except when otherwise agreed by parties who are not consumers):(1) give an ECA recipient the following information, clearly, comprehensibly and unambiguously, and prior to the order being placed by the recipient of the service:(a) the different technical steps to follow to conclude the contract;(b) whether or not the concluded contract will be filed by the firm and whether it will be accessible;(c) the technical means for identifying and correcting input errors prior
In considering the information communicated to the complainant and the complainant's information needs, the evidence to which a firm should have regard includes:(1) the complainant's individual circumstances at the time of the sale (for example, the firm should take into account any evidence of limited financial capability or understanding on the part of the complainant);(2) the complainant's objectives and intentions at the time of the sale;(3) whether, from a reasonable customer's
(1) 1A firm must, as soon as a customer expresses an interest in becoming a SRB agreement seller, ensure that the 2disclosures and warnings set out in (1A) are 2made to the customer2, both orally and confirmed in writing, and he is given an adequate opportunity to consider them. The firm must not demand or accept any fees, charges or other sums from the customer, or undertake any action that commits the customer in any way to entering into a specific agreement, until:2222(a) 2the