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3A firm with actual or potential liability for United Kingdom commercial lines employers' liability insurance claims must take reasonable steps to conduct effective searches of their records when they receive a request to carry out a search for a historical policy from persons falling into one of the categories in ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(c) or a tracing office which meets the conditions in ICOBS 8.4.9 R.
3A firm must put in place a written policy for complying with ICOBS 8.4.14 R and operate in accordance with it. The policy must cover at least the following matters:(1) details of where the firm's historical policies are held or are likely to be held (including details of records which are archived or stored off site);(2) details of the different types of records to be searched by the firm, such as electronic files, paper files, and microfiche; and(3) details of how the searches
(1) 3Where a firm has established that a historical policy does exist, the response should confirm what cover was provided and set out any available information that is relevant to the request received.(2) Where there is evidence to suggest that a historical policy does exist, but the firm is unable to confirm what cover was provided, the response should set out any information relevant to the request and describe the next steps (if any) the firm will take to continue the search.
DISP App 3.3.5GRP
The firm should not reject a complainant's account of events solely on the basis that the complainant signed documentation relevant to the purchase of the policy.
DISP App 3.3.8GRP
The firm should not draw a negative inference from a complainant not having kept documentation relating to the purchase of the policy for any particular period of time.
In considering the information communicated to the complainant and the complainant's information needs, the evidence to which a firm should have regard includes:(1) the complainant's individual circumstances at the time of the sale (for example, the firm should take into account any evidence of limited financial capability or understanding on the part of the complainant);(2) the complainant's objectives and intentions at the time of the sale;(3) whether, from a reasonable customer's
The FCA will apply the following principles of construction to determine whether a contract is a contract of insurance.(1) In applying the description in PERG 6.3.4 G, more weight attaches to the substance of the contract, than to the form of the contract. The form of the contract is relevant (see PERG 6.6.8 G (3) and (4)) but not decisive of whether a contract is a contract of insurance: Fuji Finance Inc. v. Aetna Life Insurance Co. Ltd [1997] Ch. 173 (C.A.).(2) In particular,
(1) A firm which has in its possession or control documents evidencing a client's title to a contract of insurance or other similar documents (other than documents of no value) or which takes into its possession or control tangible assets belonging to a client, must take reasonable steps to ensure that any such documents or items of property:(a) are kept safe until they are delivered to the client;(b) are not delivered or given to any other person except in accordance with instructions
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).