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The following rules and guidance apply to VJ participants as part of the standard terms, except where the context requires otherwise:(1) DISP 1 (Treating complainants4fairly), except:4(a) DISP 1.94(Complaints record rule);4(b) DISP 1.104(Complaints reporting rules); and4(c) DISP 1.114(Lloyd's);4(2) DISP 2 (Jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service), except:(a) DISP 2.3 (Compulsory Jurisdiction); and(b) DISP 2.4 (Consumer Credit Jurisdiction); and(3) DISP 3 (Complaint handling4
The Ombudsman has the same powers to make determinations and awards under the Voluntary Jurisdiction as he has under the Compulsory Jurisdiction (see DISP 3.7 (Awards by the Ombudsman)).314
The following rules in FEES apply to VJ participants as part of the standard terms, but substituting 'VJ participant' for 'firm':(1) FEES 2.2.1 R (late payment) but substituting 'FOS Ltd' for 'the FSA';(2) FEES 2.3.1 R and 2.3.2 R (remission of fees);(3) FEES 4.2.6 R (1)(b) (periodic fees);(4) FEES 5.3.6 R (general levy) but substituting:(a) 'Voluntary Jurisdiction' for 'Compulsory Jurisdiction'; and(b) 'FOS Ltd' for 'the FSA';(5) FEES 5.3.8 R (calculation of general levy) but
The Ombudsman can consider a complaint under the Voluntary Jurisdiction if:424(1) it is not covered by the Compulsory Jurisdiction or the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction; and424(2) it relates to an act or omission by a VJ participant in carrying on one or more of the following activities:(a) an activity carried on after 28 April 1988 which:(i) was not a regulated activity at the time of the act or omission, but(ii) was a regulated activity when the VJ participant joined the Voluntary
The scope of the Voluntary Jurisdiction is wider than that of the Compulsory Jurisdiction, and so some activities are referred to in both jurisdictions.121121424
Paragraph 9 of Schedule 17 to the Act (The Ombudsman Scheme) requires FOS Ltd to adopt an annual budget which has been approved by the FSA. The annual budget must distinguish between the costs of operating the Compulsory Jurisdiction, the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction4 and the Voluntary Jurisdiction.
Details of how this chapter applies to each type of respondent are set out below. For this purpose, respondents include:(1) persons carrying on regulated activities (firms),1337 providing payment services (payment service providers)8 or providing electronic money issuance services (electronic money issuers) 1337 and which are8 covered by the Compulsory Jurisdiction;8(2) persons covered by the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction (licensees); and(3) persons who have opted in to the Voluntary
The purpose of this chapter is to set out rules and guidance on the scope of the Compulsory Jurisdiction, the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction and the Voluntary Jurisdiction, which are the Financial Ombudsman Service's threejurisdictions:(1) the Compulsory Jurisdiction is not restricted to regulated activities,717payment services6 and issuance ofelectronic money, 717 and covers:(a) certain complaints against firms (and businesses which were firms at the time of the events complained
123The following are not eligible complainants:(1) (in all jurisdictions) a firm, payment service provider,3electronic money issuer, 625licensee or VJ participant whose complaint relates in any way to an activity which:(a) the firm itself has permission to carry on; or(ab) 3the firm,625payment service provider or electronic money issuer625 itself is entitled to carry on under the Payment Services Regulations or the Electronic Money Regulations ; or625625(b) the licensee or
Section 228 of the Act sets the 'fair and reasonable' test for the Compulsory Jurisdiction (other than in relation to consumer redress schemes)8 and the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction and DISP 3.6.1 R extends it to the Voluntary Jurisdiction.17
DISP App 1.1.5GRP
This appendix is also relevant to complaints which the Ombudsman may investigate under the Compulsory Jurisdiction or Voluntary Jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service established under Part XVI of the Act (The Ombudsman Scheme).2525