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DISP 1.11.9GRP
Members will individually comply with this chapter if and only if all complaints by policyholders against members are dealt with under the Lloyd's complaints procedures. Accordingly, certain of the obligations under this chapter, for example the obligation to report on complaints received and the obligation to pay fees under the rules relating to the funding of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FEES 5), must be complied with by the Society on behalf of members. Managing agents
17For the purposes of DISP 2.3.1AR, the Ombudsman can consider a complaint about an act carried out by a MiFID investment firm that is preparatory to the provision of an investment service or ancillary service which is an integral part of such a service. This includes, for example, generic advice given by a MiFID investment firm to a client prior to, or in the course of, the provision of investment advice or another investment service or ancillary service. [Note: recitals 15 and
The contact point in CREDS 9.2.1 R5 can be by name or job title and may include, for example, a telephone number.
811An example of DISP 1.5.6G(1) may be where a respondent is aware that a complainant is visually impaired. An example of DISP 1.5.6G(2) may be where a respondent has been communicating with a complainant about a complaint by telephone.
12Example 9Example 9Term extends beyond retirement age: example of failure to explain investment risksBackground45 year old male non-smoker, having taken out a £50,000 loan in 1998 for a term of 25 years. Unsuitable sale identified on the grounds of affordability and complaint raised on 12th anniversary.It has always been the intention of the complainant to retire at state retirement age 65.Term from date of sale to retirement is 20 years and the maturity date of the mortgage
DISP App 3.1.5GRP
In this appendix:(1) (a) at step 1,3 “historic interest” means the interest the complainant paid to the firm because a payment protection contract was added to a loan or credit product;3(b) at step 2, “historic interest” means in relation to any sum, the interest the complainant paid as a result of that sum being included in the loan or credit product;32(2) "simple interest" means a non-compound rate of 8% per annum;3(3) "claim" means a claim by a complainant seeking to rely upon