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Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraph 3


The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls used in the performance of its [relevant functions] are adequate, and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.


Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning -


the transmission of information;


the assessment, mitigation and management of risks to the performance of the [UK RIE'srelevant functions];


the effecting and monitoring of transactions on the [UK RIE];


the technical operation of the [UK RIE], including contingency arrangements for disruption to its facilities;


the operation of the arrangements mentioned in paragraph 4(2)(d); and


(where relevant) the safeguarding and administration of assets belonging to users of the [UK RIE's] facilities.

REC 2.5.4GRP
The following paragraphs set out other matters to which the FSA may have regard in assessing the systems and controls used for the transmission of information, risk management, the effecting and monitoring of transactions, the operation of settlement arrangements (the matters covered in paragraphs 4(2)(d) and 19(2)(b) of the Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations) and the safeguarding and administration of assets .
REC 2.5.5GRP
In assessing a UK recognised body's systems and controls for the transmission of information, the FSA may also have regard to the extent to which these systems and controls ensure that information is transmitted promptly and accurately: (1) within the UK recognised body itself; (2) to members; and (3) (where appropriate) to other market participants or other relevant persons.
REC 2.5.20GRP
The FSA may have regard to the arrangements made to keep clear and complete audit trails of all uses of information technology systems and to reconcile (where appropriate) the audit trails with equivalent information held by system users and other interested parties.
(1) A firm carrying out contracts of insurance, or a managing agent managing insurance business, including in either case business accepted under reinsurance to close, which includes United Kingdom commercial lines employers' liability insurance, must:(a) produce an employers’ liability register complying with the requirements in (2) and ICOBS 8 Annex 1;(b) obtain and submit to the FSA2 a written statement, by a director of the firm responsible for the production of the employers’
(1) ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(b) and ICOBS 8.4.9R (1) require a firm, or a tracing office used by a firm, to have an effective search function in relation to the employers’ liability register database. In the FSA's view an effective search function is one which finds all matches in the register to any specified whole word.(2) For the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.9R (5) the term ‘without delay’ should have the same meaning as in ICOBS 8.4.5G (2). (3) In order to assist firms with their obligations
SUP 5.4.9GRP
In appropriate circumstances, it may be cost effective for the FSA to nominate or approve the appointment of a skilled person who has previously acted for, or advised, the person in SUP 5.2.1 G. For example, the FSA may nominate, or approve the appointment of, the auditor of a person in SUP 5.2.1 G to prepare a report taking into account, where relevant, the considerations set out in SUP 5.4.7 G.
SUP 5.4.11GRP
The FSA may enter into a dialogue with the skilled person, and is ready to discuss matters relevant to the report with him, during the preparation of the report . Such discussions will normally involve or be through the person in SUP 5.2.1 G.
CASS 10.1.2GRP
The purpose of the CASS resolution pack is to ensure that a firm maintains and is able to retrieve information that would, in the event of its insolvency, assist an insolvency practitioner in achieving a timely return of client money and safe custody assets held by the firm to that firm'sclients.
CASS 10.1.7RRP
In relation to each document in a firm'sCASS resolution pack a firm must:(1) put in place adequate arrangements to ensure that an administrator, receiver, trustee, liquidator or analogous officer appointed in respect of it or any material part of its property is able to retrieve each document as soon as practicable and in any event within 48 hours of that officer’s appointment; and(2) ensure that it is able to retrieve each document as soon as practicable, and in any event within
LR 8.6.4GRP
When considering an application for approval as a sponsor the FSA may:(1) carry out any enquiries and request any further information which it considers appropriate, including consulting other regulators;(2) request that the applicant or its specified representative answer questions and explain any matter the FSA considers relevant to the application;(3) take into account any information which it considers appropriate in relation to the application.22(4) [deleted]22[Note: The
DEPP 3.2.26GRP
FSA staff responsible for recommending action to the RDC will continue to assess the appropriateness of the proposed action in the light of new information or representations they receive and any material change in the facts or circumstances relating to a particular matter. It may be therefore that they decide to give a notice of discontinuance to a person to whom a warning notice or decision notice has been given. The decision to give a notice of discontinuance does not require
In determining whether or not an approved person's conduct under APER 4.4.4 E complies with Statement of Principle 4, the following are factors which, in the opinion of the FSA, are to be taken into account:(1) the likely significance to the FSA of the information which it was reasonable for the individual to assume;(2) whether the information related to the individual himself or to his firm;(3) whether any decision not to report the matter internally was taken after reasonable enquiry
In determining whether or not an approved person's conduct under APER 4.4.7 E complies with Statement of Principle 4(APER 2.1.2 P), the following are factors which, in the opinion of the FSA, are to be taken into account:(1) the likely significance of the information to the FSA which it was reasonable for the approved person to assume;(2) whether any decision not to inform the FSA was taken after reasonable enquiry and analysis of the situation.
3(1) A firm must have robust governance arrangements, which include a clear organisational structure with well defined, transparent and consistent lines of responsibility, effective processes to identify, manage, monitor and report the risks it is or might be exposed to, and internal control mechanisms, including sound administrative and accounting procedures and effective control and safeguard arrangements for information processing systems.8(2) 8A BIPRU firm and a third country
The matters dealt with in a business continuity policy should include:(1) resource requirements such as people, systems and other assets, and arrangements for obtaining these resources;(2) the recovery priorities for the firm's operations; (3) communication arrangements for internal and external concerned parties (including the FSA, clients and the press);(4) escalation and invocation plans that outline the processes for implementing the business continuity plans, together with
REC 5.2.3GRP
An application should:(1) be made in accordance with any directions the FSA may make under section 287 (Application by an investment exchange),3 section 288 (Application by a clearing house) of the Act or (for RAPs) regulation 2 of the RAP regulations;33(2) in the case of an application under sections 287 or 288 of the Act, 3be accompanied by the applicant's regulatory provisions and in the case of an application under section 287 of the Act information required pursuant to sub-sections
REC 5.2.8GRP
(1) The FSA will keep the applicant informed of the progress of the application.(2) It may be necessary to ask the applicant to clarify or amplify some aspects of its proposals. The FSA may wish to discuss various aspects of the application and may invite the applicant to attend one or more meetings for that purpose. When requested to do so, the FSA will explain the nature of the information which it has asked an applicant to supply in connection with its application.
LR 4.2.10RRP
A request to the FSA to authorise the omission of specific information in a particular case must:(1) be in writing from the issuer;(2) identify the specific information concerned and the specific reasons for the omission; and(3) state why in the issuer's opinion one or more of the grounds in section 82 of the Act applies.
SUP 5.3.9GRP
In having regard to the cost implications of using the section 166 power (Reports by skilled persons) alternative options (such as visits) or other powers, the FSA will take into account relevant factors, including:(1) whether the firm may derive some benefit from the work carried out and recommendations made by the skilled person, for instance a better understanding of its business and its risk profile, or the operation of its information systems, or improvements to its systems