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The FCA's3 investigator will act on behalf of the FCA3 and under its control. He may be instructed to permit the representative of the overseas regulator4 to assist in the preparation of the interview. Where the FCA3 considers it appropriate, it may permit the representative to attend and ask questions of the interviewee in the course of the interview. The interview will be conducted according to the terms of the direction and the notification referred to in DEPP 7.2.6 G.332
DEPP 7.2.11GRP
The FCA3 will in general provide written notice of the appointment of an investigator to the person under investigation pursuant to the request of an overseas regulator4 . Whether or not the interviewee is the person under investigation, the FCA's3 investigator will inform the interviewee of the provisions under which he has been appointed, the identity of the requesting authority and general nature of the matter under investigation. The interviewee will also normally be informed