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(1) 1A person subject to enforcement action may agree to a financial penalty or other outcome rather than contest formal action by the FSA.(2) The fact that he does so will not usually obviate the need for a statutory notice recording the FSA's decision to take that action. Where, however, the person subject to enforcement action agrees not to contest the content of a proposed statutory notice, the decision to give that statutory notice will be taken by senior FSA staff.(3) The
The terms of any proposed settlement:(1) will be put in writing and be agreed by FSA staff and the person concerned;(2) may refer to a draft of the proposed statutory notices setting out the facts of the matter and the FSA's conclusions; (3) may, depending upon the stage in the enforcement process at which agreement is reached, include an agreement by the person concerned to: (a) waive and not exercise any rights under sections 387 (Warning notices) and 394 (Access to Authority
(1) Where the settlement decision makers decline to issue a statutory notice despite the proposed settlement, they may invite FSA staff and the person concerned to enter into further discussions to try to achieve an outcome the settlement decision makers would be prepared to endorse.(2) However, if the proposed action by the FSA has been submitted to the RDC for consideration, it will be for the RDC to decide:(a) whether to extend the period for representations in response to
DEPP 5.1.10GRP
(1) DEPP 2.4 sets out the FSA's approach to giving third parties copies of statutory notices pursuant to section 393 (Third party rights) of the Act.(2) The decision to give a warning notice or a decision notice to a third party is a statutory notice associated decision.(3) In cases therefore where the decision to give a warning notice or decision notice is taken by settlement decision makers, those decision makers will decide whether a copy of the notice should be given to a
Decisions on whether to give a statutory notice will be taken by a 'decision maker'. The FSA's assessment of who is the appropriate decision maker is subject to the requirements of section 395 of the Act and will depend upon the nature of the decision, including its complexity, importance and urgency. References to the 'decision maker' in DEPP are to:(1) the Regulatory Decisions Committee (RDC); or(2) FSA staff under executive procedures; or(3) FSA staff under the settlement decision
DEPP 2 to DEPP 5 set out:(1) which decisions require the giving of statutory notices and who takes them (DEPP 2);(2) the nature and procedures of the RDC (DEPP 3);(3) the procedure for decision making by FSA staff under executive procedures (DEPP 4);(4) the procedure for decision making by FSA staff under the settlement decision procedure (DEPP 5).