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A credit union must provide the FCA, once a year, with a report in the format set out in CREDS 9 Annex 1 R (Credit Union complaints return) which contains (for the relevant reporting period) information about:(1) the total number of complaints received by the credit union;(2) (for the product/service groupings within section 5)3 the number of complaints closed by the credit union:(a) within eight weeks of receipt; and(b) more than eight weeks after receipt;(2A) (for other lending
A credit union must not include in the report a complaint that has been forwarded in its entirety to another respondent under DISP 1.7 (the complaints forwarding rules).
Where a credit union has forwarded to another respondent only part of a complaint or where two respondents may be jointly responsible for a complaint, then the complaint should be reported by both firms.
For the purpose of CREDS 9.2.1 R, and upon completing the return, the credit union should note that:(1) where a complaint could fall into more than one category, the complaint should be recorded against the category that the credit union considers to form the main part of the complaint;(2) where a complaint has been upheld under CREDS 9.2.1R (3)(a), a credit union should report any complaints to which it has given a final response which accepts the complaint and, where appropriate,
A report under this section must be given or addressed, and delivered, in the way set out in SUP 16.3.6 R to SUP 16.3.16 G (General provisions on reporting), except that, instead of the credit union's usual supervisory contact, the report must be given to or addressed for the attention of the Central Reporting team at the FCA.22
5SUP 16.10.4R requires credit unions to check the accuracy of standing data and to report changes, including any change to the complaints contact or complaints officer, to the FCA.
The contact point in CREDS 9.2.1 R5 can be by name or job title and may include, for example, a telephone number.
14The complaints reporting rules and the complaints data publication rules do not apply to a credit union.
CREDS 9 sets out rules for credit unions in relation to reporting complaints.1414
This chapter sets out rules and guidance for credit unions on completing reports concerning complaints received from eligible complainants. It replaces DISP 1.10 (Complaints reporting rules) and DISP 1.10A (Complaints data publication rules), which do not apply to credit unions (DISP 1.1.5A R).