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A firm acting on behalf of a lender or owner must pass on payments received from a customer and/or details of a customer's outstanding balance to the lender or owner in a timely manner or, provided the effect of the agreement does not impact adversely on the customer, in accordance with an agreement between the firm and lender or owner in question[Note: paragraph 3.9g of DCG]
A timely manner in CONC 7.5.5 R would normally be within five working days of receipt of payment by the firm.[Note: paragraph 3.9g of DCG]
(1) A firm must not exercise its rights under a continuous payment authority (or purport to do so):(a) unless it has been explained to the customer that the continuous payment authority would be used in the way in question; and(b) other than in accordance with the terms specified in the credit agreement or the P2P agreement.(2) If a firm wishes a customer to change the terms of a continuous payment authority it must contact the customer and:(a) provide the customer with an adequate
CONC 7.10.1RRP
A firm must suspend the pursuit of recovery of a debt from a customer when:(1) the firm has been notified that the customer might not have the mental capacity to make relevant financial decisions about the management of the customer's debt and/or to engage in the debt recovery process at the time; or(2) the firm understands or ought reasonably to be aware that the customer lacks mental capacity to make relevant financial decisions about the management of the customer's debt and/or
CONC 7.10.2GRP
A firm should allow a customer or a person acting on behalf of the customer a reasonable period of time to provide evidence as to the likely impact of any mental capacity limitation on the customer's ability to engage with the firm.[Note: paragraph 3.7r (box) of DCG]
CONC 7.15.2GRP
In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a statute barred debt still exists and is recoverable.[Note: paragraph 3.15a and annex B3 of DCG]
CONC 7.12.2RRP
A firm must not:(1) refuse to deal with a not-for-profit debt advice body, debt counsellor, debt adjuster or with another person acting on behalf of a customer, unless there is an objectively justifiable reason for doing so;[Note: paragraphs 3.9c of DCG and 3.48 of DMG](2) unless the credit agreement requires payments to be made to a third party, refuse to accept a payment tendered to the firm by the customer or by a person acting on behalf of the customer;[Note: paragraphs 3.8